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Do you get awed while listening to confident, passionate and bold speakers and aspire to be like them? Giving a speech does not only develop your speaking skills but also inculcates various qualities like confidence, communication and presentation skills. It is a critical competence required in most of the fields from academic to corporate.

Many students find it challenging and stomach-tickling to speak in front of class and faculty but a good speech topic can solve half of your issues. It can captivate your audience instantly and get them engaged in your words. If the topic is boring, all your efforts can go in waste because it will fail to impress the listeners and evaluators. It is therefore necessary to opt for a relevant, unique and interesting topic for a speech.

The Assignment Ninjas are here to help you out! We have got for you a comprehensive list of informative speech topics under various categories to assist you in making a smart choice. Along with good speech topics, we will also take you through some vital guidelines and tips and tricks to deliver a rewarding speech.

What is an Informative Speech?

Simply put, an informative speech seeks to educate an audience on a subject. It could be descriptive, critical, instructional, persuasive, reflective or a mixture of these. It includes fact-based knowledge and personal opinions. 

It is important to infuse something novel in the speech that the people do not know beforehand. It can be a unique perspective on an aspect, revelation of truth behind commonly held misbeliefs, a new discovery, etc. The purpose is to intrigue and engage the audience by offering something unexpected.

How to prepare for an informative speech?

Start your preparation for the speech well before time. Unlike a written paper, a speech has to be refined multiple times to make it easier to understand, engaging and brief. Additionally, you will also have to practice reciting your speech.

1. Choose a topic:

Topic selection is the most significant part of your prep. Keep the following in mind while choosing speech topics:

a. Your interest

If you are passionate about a subject, you can extend the same passion in your audience. So, pick a topic that you are familiar with and interested in exploring further.

b. The audience’s liking

Identify whether the topic will go well with the audience. It must not be jargon. The audience should be able to relate with it.

c. Novelty

See if you can offer something new in the subject. It will make people curious and impress your faculty.

We have compiled some of the best speech topics in the list below. Shortlist the ones that spike your interest and filter out which one will be the most suitable.

2. Undertake research

Start researching on your topic. Find some good quotes and discover recent developments in your area. Mark out the relevant information on the go and jot down your personal views on them.

3. Make a rough outline

Figure out the flow of your speech. Determine what will go in the introduction, body and conclusion. Ensure coherence in your articulation. It shouldn’t feel jerky or obnoxious. Go through some informative speech examples to understand the structure, use of language and tone.

4. Write your speech

Draft your speech using conversational tone and professional language. You have only five seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Begin with a strong hook, then give some background of your subject. Organize your speech properly. The transitions from one part to the next should be smooth. Use a combination of long and short sentences to maintain pace variation.

Sprinkle questions and wow elements regularly. It will keep the listeners captivated. Frame an impactful conclusion. End by reiterating your main idea and the last sentence must be such that it lingers in the mind of the audience.

5. Practice well

Allot enough time for rehearsal. Face the mirror while speaking or recite in front of your family or friends to develop confidence. Work on your expressions and gestures. They can greatly enhance your presentation. Practice voice modulation and speed. Combine higher and lower pitch for creating impact. Use high pitch and low speed to emphasize highlight parts.

If you are falling short on time and need a well-written speech you can contact our experts for assistance. Our professionals will suggest interesting topics for speech and craft a tailored talk as per your requirements.

Topics for Informative Speech

Here are some new and unique speech topics sorted according to categories. Scroll through the list and mark the ones that interest you the most.

Science and Technology

  • Is Artificial Intelligence creating or destroying jobs?
  • Advances in Medical Technology: Improving Healthcare
  • Quantum Computing: Unlocking the Power of Quantum Mechanics
  • Rising cyber crimes: Causes and Precautions
  • The challenges in Electric vehicles market in India
  • Ethical Considerations in Gene Editing and Genetic Engineering
  • Future of Space Exploration: Colonizing Mars and Beyond
  • The role of biotechnology in agriculture
  • The Role of Artificial Neural Networks in Advancing Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Ethical implications in Human Enhancement Technologies

Current Affairs

  • The effects of COVID 19 in India: Challenges and learnings
  • Evolving alliances in 23rd century
  • Discussing Pros and Cons of New Education Policy
  • LGBTQ+ Rights in India: Progress, Challenges, and Legal Developments
  • Electoral Reforms in India: Enhancing Transparency and Accountability
  • Climate Change and India's Role in Global Climate Action
  • International Migration and Refugee Crisis: Challenges and Solutions
  • The rise of neo-nationalism and dangers associated with it
  • International Trade and Protectionism: Balancing Economic Interests and Fairness
  • The Changing nature of global terrorism

Social Sciences

  • Protecting minority cultures in India: Challenges and solutions
  • The lost gem: Ancient Indian Education system
  • Tourism in India: potential, challenges and solution
  • Unique religious rites round the world
  • Pop culture in India: cross-cultural impact on youngsters in India
  • Studying voter preferences through Abraham Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs
  • Is democracy only a myth in modern times?
  • Addressing generation gap
  • Re-entering Nihilism in the post pandemic world
  • Language politics in India


  • Explaining the controversy around changing information in History Books 
  • The Importance of Teacher training programs
  • Strengths and weaknesses of online education
  • Why sex education should be included in the syllabus?
  • The way ahead for making education skill based
  • Is the Indian education system making only employees and not entrepreneurs?
  • Education facilities in rural areas: condition and solutions
  • Rising number of international students: reasons, pros and cons
  • Necessity of personalized learning
  • Parental Involvement in Education: Creating Strong Home-School Partnerships


  • Unravelling the start-up wave in India
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in workplaces
  • Is work-life balance a myth?
  • Pros and Cons of Work From Home
  • The Importance of Entrepreneurship in Driving Economic Growth and Innovation
  • The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Today's Business Landscape
  • The truth behind the Great Resignation
  • The Power of Branding: Creating a Strong Identity and Competitive Advantage
  • The Future of E-commerce: Trends, Opportunities, and Consumer Behavior
  • Financial Management in Business: Budgeting, Investing, and Risk Assessment
  • The Gig Economy: Exploring the Rise of Freelancing and Flexible Work Arrangements

Health and Nutrition

  • The Future of Healthcare: Telemedicine, Wearable Devices, and Personalized Medicine
  • Functional Nutrition: Mechanism of healing chronic diseases without medication
  • E-cigarattes: Fatal fashion
  • Rising screen time in kids: A serious cause of concern
  • How to improve emotional intelligence?
  • Understanding Macronutrients and Micronutrients: Building a Balanced Diet
  • Childhood Obesity: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention Strategies
  • Decoding Eating disorders
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances: Managing and Living with Dietary Restrictions
  • Anti-aging dietary practices


  • Is reservation the way to go to make sports more caste inclusive in India?
  • Ethical questions in gender testing
  • Is cricket a gentleman’s game anymore?
  • Pros and Cons of digital sports tournaments
  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  • Impacts of political interference in sports
  • Should all forms of animal sports be banned?
  • Unearthing the increasing mental health issues in players
  • Is professional wrestling just a show now?
  • The need for ethical protocols for fans
  • Should NASCAR be considered a sport?

Media and Entertainment

  • Discussing secularism in Bollywood movies post 2014
  • Link between social media use and mental health
  • Have news channels turned into entertainment channels?
  • Why is stardom in India more powerful than any other country?
  • Decoding the decline of Bollywood
  • Ethical concerns about news channel debates
  • Role of social media in shaping public opinions
  • Need for stricter controls to combat the spread of fake news
  • Reviving theatre culture in India: Importance, challenges, solutions
  • Privacy concerns over the use of social media sites

Art and Literature

  • Should Digital Art be considered as art?
  • Weird crafts around the world
  • Reviving traditional arts of India: Importance, challenges, solutions
  • Ethical questions surrounding translation
  • Link between art and literature
  • Is it fair to call LGBTQA+ literature pornographic?
  • Activism through art
  • Exploring female sexuality in English Literature
  • Should film scripts be considered as a work of literature?
  • The significance of art therapy in curing mental illnesses

We are sure that you might have touched upon a few quick speech topics that fascinated you. Now, find out which among them would be admired by your audience and where you can add an innovative approach. Craft your speech in a conversational manner. Practice until you are confident and get ready to rock the stage.

If you are confused about which topic to select or finding it difficult to write an engaging speech, you can reach out to our professionals for help. Our support team stays active round the clock and will instantly answer your queries. Leave your assignment stress on us and make the most of your school and college days!

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