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Nowadays being a college student is not an easy task. You need to deal with so much stuff including your part-time jobs, internships, social gathering, seminars, and many more. This is the reason why the Internet is considered a blessing for all students. 

There are several websites discussed in the post that will help you to complete your assignment and all the work in no time. Moreover, in this post, you will find all the useful apps that will help you to stand out in your class.

Educational websites for college students:

1. EdX

EdX is known to be one of the best websites for providing study material to students. The best thing about this amazing website is, it offers free online courses from the top universities worldwide. Students can very easily refine their skills in various fields like humanities, maths, and computer science. 

Do you know what makes EdX the Best website for students?

2500 courses that offer videos & podcasts

Visit Website: edx.org

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a very beneficial tool for writing English. This amazing tool improves writing & grammar quality. Files can be uploaded & downloaded very easily. Moreover, it is available with a plagiarism checker which is available on the site.

Do you know what makes Grammarly the Best website for students?

Grammarly checks your work & compares it with 250 grammar rules

Visit Website: grammarly.com

3. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com is the world's leading digital dictionary. This website provides millions of English definitions, spellings, audio pronunciations, and example sentences. Moreover, it also checks spelling errors. Now complicated words can be looked up in no time. 

What makes Dictionary.com the Best website for students?

This website is known for expanding vocabulary.

Visit Website: dictionary.com

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is an ideal platform to store spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Due to its cloud-based nature, it can be accessed from any tablet, desktop, or phone while sitting anywhere. Now you don’t need to worry about losing your precious data.

How is Google Drive Beneficial for students?

Google Drive works on a Cloud-Based platform.

Visit Website: drive.google.com

5. Dragon Dictation

With Dragon dictation, you don’t have to worry about the mechanism of typing as it translates all your speaking ideas onto the page. It recognizes your words and transcribes them with great speed and accuracy. Moreover, it is known for providing 99% of accuracy.

How is Dragon Dictation Beneficial for Students?

Dragon Dictation makes use of optic technology which produces clear sound quality without causing any kind of inconvenience to students.

Visit Website: nuance.com

Study websites for college students:

1. XMind

XMind is a very useful software as it is used for brainstorming. It offers 8 structures that help to clarify and simplify complex tasks. Moreover, this application is used to visualise ideas, clarify thoughts, manage complex information, and promote team collaboration.

How is XMind Beneficial for students?

XMind is a very helpful software as it contains a lot of information that is easy to understand.

Visit Website: xmind.app

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is an ideal tool used for creating multiple custom question sets. This tool is very beneficial for preparing for tests and exams. Moreover, this tool has proved to be very helpful for teachers also, as now teachers ask their students to practise while using this amazing tool as homework.

How is Quizlet Beneficial for Students?

Quizlet is a type of self-assessment test used by students before their examination.

Visit Website: quizlet.com

3. Audible

This website is very beneficial for students for improving vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, it is also very useful as it provides all the chapters in audio format. So, if you are not in the mood of reading long chapters, then plug in your earphones and start listening to your lectures.

How is Audible Beneficial for Students?

Audible provides access to listen to different chapters by listening to audio.

Visit Website: audible.in

4. Hemingway App

Are you looking for a proofreading app to ease your work? Don’t worry, the Hemingway App is at your service. This wonderful app highlights errors like long-pick & extra-long sentences, complex words, and phrases. This app is known for upgrading the level of your writing.

How is the Hemingway App Beneficial for students?

Hemingway App works as an editor that highlights and corrects grammar, fluency, and sentence structure.

Visit Website: hemingwayapp.com

5. Valore Books

Valore Books is a well-known college textbook rental company known for saving students money by providing books at affordable rates. Moreover, this website provides ample services including buying, renting & selling textbooks. Moreover, this website is known for providing great discounts to students. 

How is the Valore Books Beneficial for students?

Valore Books is a platform for saving money and getting textbooks at affordable prices.

Visit Website: valore.com

6. Study Blue

StudyBlue is a flashcard-based app specifically designed for high school & college students. The main aim of this website is to work as a collaborative study guide by fulfilling all the student & teacher needs. StudyBlue provides all the study material including flashcards, study guides & notes.

How is Studyblue Beneficial for Students?

StudyBlue offers critical thinking, and analytic skills through hands-on learning.

Visit Website: studyblue.com

7. InstaGrok

InstaGrok has given a whole new approach to students for gathering, searching & using information. The best thing about InstaGrok is, it provides age-appropriate educational content on every topic with multimedia interfaces.

How is InstaGrok Beneficial for students?

InstaGrok makes learning easier & interesting by using multimedia platforms.

Visit Website: instagrok.com

Research Websites For College Students:

1. TED Talks

TED Talks is an informative platform as it provides motivational videos containing valuable information. The main aim of TED Talks is to spread ideas rather than earn money. Here Educators deliver their ideas in TED style.

Top must-watch TED Talks for students:

  • Everyday Leadership
  • The Power of Introverts
  • The Key To Success
  • How to build your creative confidence
  • How to speak so that people want to listen
  • Why you will Fail to have a Great Career

How are TED Talks Beneficial for Students?

TED Talks is a great resource for students who want to come up with original project ideas.

Visit Website: ted.com

2. Genius Scan

Are you looking for a document scanner that is in your pocket? Genius Scan quickly scans your paper documents on the go and exports them as multi-page PDF files.

Benefits of using Genius Scan

  • Streamline your workflow
  • Never lose your sticky notes
  • Simplify your expense report

How is Genius Scan Beneficial for students?

Genius Scan is just like a scanner in your pocket. This app helps to digitise documents on your phone quickly.

Visit Website: geniusscansdk.com

3. BibMe

One can start with its bibliography immediately using BibMe. This wonderful platform allows you to look up a particular book, magazine, newspaper, or film using a slick auto-complete search function.

How is Bibme Beneficial for students?

Bibme is known for providing wonderful motivational speeches and valuable information.

Visit Website: bibme.org

4. Flipboard

Flipboard is a social media news platform with which content from several sources is converted into a single, easily-digestible feed. Moreover, it helps you to convert amazing and creative magazines.

How is Flipboard Beneficial for Students?

Flipboard surrounds students with real-world information which will keep them updated about all the social happenings in the world. 

Visit Website: flipboard.com

So, if you want to know about the latest websites that are being used by college students, then go through this post.

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