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Just done with the assignment and now the faculty also wants a presentation? Don’t fret. Presentations have become a common type of homework given to assess the students’ presentation making and giving skills.

The Assignment Ninjas aims to provide every help to its students and that’s why we have introduced professional presentation making services. We craft crisp, engaging and impactful presentations that will impress your evaluator and classmates.

Our platform has experts to craft bewitching and formalized presentations in a short time. We adhere to the best practices while making tailored presentations and also offer free customizations and all-time support.

What are the Advantages of Choosing The Assignment Ninjas Presentation Service?

We have much more to offer than excellent presentations. Explore some of our salient features before making your decision:

Trained experts

We have professionals who are trained and experienced in academic presentations. So have no doubt that your presentation is of top-level quality.

Formalized presentations

Our team is well-versed with the rules and tactics of composing presentations. We take acute care of the content, visuals, transitions, layouts, etc.

Quick delivery time

Don’t stress out if your presentation is scheduled for tomorrow itself. We accept urgent orders and prepare projects in as less as three hours!

Affordable prices

Our convenient services are available at pocket-friendly prices. You can pay through handy payment options like UPI and Visa card.


We have advanced security measures in place to tightly secure your identity and project information.

Comprehensive range of subjects

Our services expand across a wide range of subjects. So whatever field you belong to, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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Empower your academic journey with The Assignment Ninjas, hire us now and experience top-notch assignment writing services!

Get a Winning Presentation in a few clicks

Our simple and hassle-free process to get the assignments done is loved by our users. Here are the three easy steps to complete your presentation with The Assignment Ninjas:

Step 1: Specify the details

We need some details about your project like topic, number of slides, deadlines and any other instructions given by your instructor. Fill a short order form on our website and you will shortly receive a quote from us.

Step 2: Relax while our experts prepare your presentation

After giving your specifications, it's time for you to relax. Our trained professionals will compose a personalized, rich and legible presentation adhering to your requirements.

Step 3: Download, check and pay

You will receive a notification when your presentation is complete. Download and go through it. If you want any edits, let us know and we will do the needful. Now, pay using flexible methods and take a sigh of relief. Your work is done.

Here’s why The Assignment Ninjas is your ideal Research Proposal partner

Save your precious time and release stress by allotting your assignment to a long-standing platform trusted by students.

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What are presentations and why are they needed?

Presentations consist of slides displaying the information for the reference of the audience. It generally includes brief pointers, pictures, videos, graphs, etc that aid the audience to better understand what the speaker intends to inform.

Softwares such as Powerpoint and Canva are used to make presentations. Depending on the need, presentations can also include animations or other creative elements.

Is making a presentation easy?

Making a presentation is interesting but not easy. Certain said and unsaid rules have to be kept in mind while making presentations. Special skills are required for writing the content of the presentation; it should be formulated in economical yet understandable and compelling words. The colour scheme, design, pictures, transitions, etc should be apt to the purpose of the presentation and subject. Also, the contents of slides must be linked to ensure smoothness. It should not appear jerky leaving the audience confused. Sometimes, a bad presentation can mar a well-conceived script. It is therefore advisable to seek help from experts to write and design presentations.

How does The Assignment Ninjas craft quality presentations?

  • We have professional writers well-acquainted with the rules of presentation. They put in their expertise and experience to make attractive yet logical presentations.
  • Our writers also have a strong grasp over the aesthetics of presentation. We add suitable graphics, transitions, animations and other elements to make the presentation decent and lively.
  • Before beginning, we make it a point to understand your topic and vision thoroughly. It results in minutely customized assignments devoid of any scope for deduction of marks.
  • All the information can’t be put in words. We analyse your input and find the best ways of presenting the data. Hence, we make graphs, pie diagrams, tables, etc. for showcasing information in an effective way.

What steps do we take to maintain security of your information?

The confidentiality of our client’s is our top priority. We take numerous steps to guarantee that none of your personal or presentation-related data is leaked.

  • Our servers are protected with advanced security systems like SSL to store your data in a safe manner.
  • The communication channels have end-to-end encryption.
  • Our staff abides by the policies of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which prohibits them from transferring any of the clients’ personal or project information elsewhere.
  • You can register yourself under an anonymous account on your site to hide your identity.
  • We continually update our systems to ensure tight security is maintained.

How do we ensure that the presentation is perfectly tailored to clients’ requirements?

The essence of presentations is that they are unique to every individual. To keep up with it, we frame personalized assignments for our clients. Each presentation project is prepared from scratch. We gather complete information about your subject before beginning. We also identify your plans for your presentation as its look, running, etc. This is done to assimilate your ideas and approach, after all it is your project.

Next, we offer you a feature enabling you to directly chat with your assigned presentation writer. You can give instructions, make suggestions, express your thoughts and also provide clarifications if needed. After you receive the order, you are allowed to ask for revisions until you are content with the slides. All your edits are made free of cost. In this way, we ensure that the presentations we make are individualized and aligned to the client’s wishes.

Questions Asked By Students

FAQs About Presentation

Do you charge extra for incorporating visuals and animations in the presentation?

Not really. When you place an order for your presentation, we analyze its complexity. Based on that we give a quote. All the charges are included in that quote. After that, we don’t charge extra money for adding pictures or other effects.

Can I request for changes after the presentation is completed?

Ofcourse. The presentation is not deemed finished from our end, until you are satisfied. You can ask for as many revisions you want after you receive and review your order. All the changes are made free of cost.

Can you make my presentation ASAP?

The least delivery time for a presentation is three hours. However, we can try to complete before that also. Having said that, the time may vary according to the length, complexity and requirements of your presentation. You can talk to our customer care excecutives to know how much time it will take to complete your order.

What information do you require from me to create my presentation?

We are fine with as much information you give us. If you have the whole study ready and want us to convert it, or a part of it, into a presentation, you can provide us with that paper. We can also conduct independent research if you don’t have the information with you. You can send the pictures, videos, vectors or other things you want to add in your presentation. If not we will craft your presentation based on our research and elements.

Can you assist in preparing a verbal script for presentation?

Our experts can guide you about your speech and give their feedback and suggestions. We do not provide script service as of now.

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