Before availing of any of our services, clients should read our terms and conditions carefully and provide their consent.

  1. Customers contact the organisation for assistance and support with their academic tasks. The organisation offers professional writing assistance to students in all subject areas.
  2. The client gives the organisation permission to carry out any activities requested on their behalf.
  3. The organisation has the authority to decline any operation that they believe goes against their principles and, in such cases, will return the customer's payment as per the order.
  4. The prices and time duration for the completion of the order can be provided to the customer only after the order confirmation.
  5. If the customer requires more information or additional information, additional costs will be added. If the additional price and delivery time are unacceptable to the customer, the organisation will complete the assignment in accordance with the original agreement.
  6. If the customer has some problem with any part of the assignment, they can return it for corrections within the time frame specified by the organisation. There is no feedback or refunds applicable once the order processed has passed more than 3 months.
  7. Customers are not permitted to contact the writers directly and must contact Customer Support Executives, who will serve as an intermediary between the concerned parties.
  8. The organisation can choose to revise its terms and conditions from time to time. The modification is generally in accordance with organisational changes.
  9. The organisation will provide the customer with an assignment guide within the time frame specified. The guide should be regarded as a model and should not be submitted in its current form. If a customer submits the guide as-is, the organisation is not liable for any consequences.