Academic integrity can be referred to as a moral code that is supposed to be followed in the field of academics. The Assignment Ninjas believe in working with professional beliefs and trusted values. Thus, we take academic misconduct rather seriously. Academic dishonestly, in relation to The Assignment Ninjas, include

1. Plagiarism - The organisation's services do not grant the customer any copyright to the work update. As the customer does not own the copyright to work, they should not submit it as their own work, resell it, or display it. This is a violation of the terms of service policy. The customer may obtain a copy of the work for academic purposes only and should treat it as a model or guide.

2. Data fabrication and falsification of information or citations.

3. Contract cheating - Outsourcing a third party to perform an assessment task in exchange for money or another form of payment.

4. Impersonation - In an in-person examination, falsely presenting oneself or engaging someone else to present oneself.

5. Collusion - Working with one or more other people to complete an assignment in an unauthorised manner.

6. Creating fake financial reports. Any individual that violates the restrictions outlined in this section will be banned, and their account will be permanently deactivated with no choice for recovery.