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The main objective of any type of education research is to increase existing knowledge and scope in the educational field. Educational research helps solve different issues in modern learning, teaching practices, and pedagogy. Academic research is necessary for improving the education system and inventing new approaches to the student learning process.  Therefore, selecting the appropriate educational process is essential for successful education research.

Steps for selecting an educational research topic:

Selecting an appropriate research topic is essential to write a quality research paper. The following process can help in choosing a  good quality education research title.

  • Analysing your previous works: Evaluating the previous cases completed on education research is essential before selecting a new education research topic. Some topics mentioned earlier may require additional research for more evaluation.
  • Being informed regarding the new developments in education: The new and current products in education can be constructive in proving the most relevant topics for conducting educational research by students.
  • Visiting education institutions: Visiting different schools and institutions and interacting with the students and teachers can be very helpful in providing the most recent information regarding the positives and negatives of the education system. This can help the researcher select a topic that helps grab the readers' attention.
  • Reviewing the literature: Reading different articles and literature published in the educational field can play an important role in providing exciting topics for conducting academic research by students.
  • Learning about international practices in education: To find relevant and exciting titles for conducting educational research, the writer must know about the academic policies and procedures implemented in different parts of the world.  This can help in research in gaining knowledge about new innovative ideas adopted to improve the educational system for students.

Examples of educational research topic list.

Educational research titles for the development of children:

  • How does daycare help in the development of children?
  • What are the benefits of the play-way method in helping the children learn new skills?
  • Which is the best learning method for children? 
  • Why is it essential for parents to make their children learn about core-like skills?
  • Compare Montessori-trained teachers and conventional preschools or nurseries in handling and training preschool children. 
  • What role do genes play in the overall development of children? 
  • What is the impact of community on the development of children?
  • Ill effects of stress on the development cycle of children?
  • Is ignoring the children is more dangerous than physical punishment for the children?
  • Way to provide care to traumatised children?
  • Is it important for a mother to reduce their maternity leave?
  • Role of family members in the development of child behaviour in the society
  • Role of mental illness of mother in the overall development of children
  • Impact or poor economic condition on the development of children
  • What part does violence in movies and games harm a child's development process? 

Unique educational research topics:

  • The benefits of education assignments help in the child development process
  • How do we educate children who have autism and other similar mental disorders?
  • How do we educate children suffering from “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”?
  • Learning methods for visually challenged children.
  • Process of education def children in the society?
  • What are the benefits of bilingual education for children? 
  • Karaoke can be very helpful for children suffering from learning disorders
  • Why is it so important for parents to teach their children about the values of core life skills?
  • What is the role of responsive relationships in the child development process? 
  • Benefits of music therapy for children suffering from  autism spectrum
  • How do we develop self-determination among children suffering from disabilities?
  • What is the importance of grade retention for children with different disabilities in the education system?
  • Disabled students and Zero-tolerance policy  
  • Why is it essential to detect learning disabilities in children as early as possible? 
  • Special education and co-education

Educational research topics for students in colleges:

  • Decreasing value of college education in the modern era
  • What is the importance of college education in increasing the earning capacity of students?
  • Life of a College Student: Participation, Perceptions, and Satisfaction
  • What is the role of Common Core standards in preparing college students?
  • Elaborate on the benefits of whole-brain teaching techniques in developing college students. 
  • What is the importance of financial aid in education for students?
  • Pros and cons of college education
  • Comparison between the entrance exam undertaken for college in the US and China.
  • College and social networking
  • What is the value of college education in the development of children?
  • What are the different ways by which the students can handle Information overload in the modern digital world?
  • Some of the most outstanding universities in the world and their history?
  • Is it important to include the moral development of children in the education system of colleges? 
  • How are marginalised ethnic groups favoured in American Universities?
  • Life of a white student in an all-black college 

Latest educational research topic:

  • Development of online learning as the future of the education system?
  • What factors are responsible for the increasing number of computer literary in the modern world?
  • Role of digitisation in improving the education system?
  • How do social networking sites influence the performance of schools in the modern world? 
  • Virtual classrooms and their benefits for children
  • Is it advisable to segregate the schools based on race? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such segregation in the education system for children? 
  • Skills required by teachers to train the children in the modern world?
  • Compare the dedication level of teachers today to that of teachers two or three decades ago.
  • Role of  modern technology in influencing the education system of today and also the future
  • Cost of education in the context of available resources in the present
  • Role of Childhood Education in the Development of a Child’s Brain and Behaviour
  • What is the importance of parents' social life on childhood development?
  • Different ways to improve the  educational and emotional development of children 
  • Role of classroom education in the development of children’s cognitive abilities.
  • Role of education in influencing the psychological growth of children?

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