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Are you concerned about writing a good research paper? Are you worried that your research paper is missing essential parameters?

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The following sections must be inculcated while writing a research paper:

1. Introduction - This contains the purpose and the thesis statement of your report. Some background information can include a brief review of the literature already available to 'place' your research in the field. Other brief details can consist of methods and structure outline of the report.

2. Literature Review - It contains a careful structure of all your findings in a chronological format where you discuss the earliest to the latest research. Alternatively, a thematic way can be followed, outlining the various themes discovered during the research regarding the topic. It is important to state how your findings fit the research.

3. Methodology - Clearly outline the methodology used in your research, i.e., what you did and how you did it. It must be structured chronologically and in detail to make it easier for others to duplicate your research if they wish to.

a) It is usually written in a 'passive' voice (e.g., participants were asked to fill in the questionnaire attached in Appendix 1) rather than an 'active' voice (e.g., I asked the participants to fill in the questionnaire attached in Appendix 1).

b) Clearly reference any material you have used from other sources. Label and number the diagrams, charts and graphs. Ensure that they are relevant to the research and add substance to the text instead of just duplicating what you wrote earlier.

c) Do not include or discuss the results here.

4. Results - This section is where you list out your findings from the research but do not interpret them.

5. Discussion - This section discusses the relevance of your results and how those findings fit with other research in the said area. It helps in differentiating your research from others. It shall eventually relate back to your thesis statement and literature review.

6. Conclusion - This is a summary of your most significant findings. It explains and interprets the results that were found earlier using rationale. No new information should be added in this section.

7. Limitations - All research has some limitations, and you can indicate the same in this section, along with how it can be tackled to make research further useful in the future.

8. Recommendations -s Once you've mentioned your findings along with the corresponding rationales, you ought to give suggestions for what needs to be done as a result of your findings. Recommendations are usually listed in order of priority.

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