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The research conducted on humanities and social sciences is very different. Researchers investing in humanities and social sciences are more interested in asking questions than finding solutions. Analysing the known in the light of a new perspective is also a part of HumSS research for students in colleges and universities. No rules regarding humanities and social science research exist so that the research work can be prepared like an artistic piece.

The results found after completing a research paper on humanities and social science are generally intellectual and did not help solve a world crisis. However, in the long run, social science and humanities research helps alter society and the academic field. The identification of topics in social science is considered very easy. The information provided here will be beneficial in motivating the students to research humanities and social science. It will also offer different types of topics for conducting the research work. The article here may be helpful for everyone, including college students, for academic purposes thinking to research social science and humanities.

What are Humanities and Social Science HumSS?

All the humans living in society, including introverts and extroverts, are some kind of human creature. As a result, social science and humanities are very much necessary for our development. The research on humanities and social science helps in understanding the different behavioural contexts of all human beings in society. It helps in understanding the complex nature of an individual on different intercultural scales and behavioural scales. A human's culture, heritage, and identity help make themselves conscious in society. The research about religion is also an important topic in studying humanities and social science.

The humanities and social science are vast topics that consider the different political issues presented at the global level and go beyond philosophy and self-exploration. Including political science in social science and humanities helps create a detailed picture of how our society works globally.

One of the most significant advantages of researching humanities and social science is that it helps combine the knowledge of the past with the present and helps form a development model for the future. The research on history helps in learning about the mistakes made by humans and inventing new methods that can help improve the world's overall society.

What is the HumSS strand:

The HumSS strand consists of different elements, which are literature. Psychology, social science, philosophy, political science, and anthropology. 

Tips for selecting research topics on humanities and social science:

Before beginning a research article on humanities and social science, choosing a good research topic is crucial, which can help grab the readers' attention for the piece. Some of the tips that can be used to determine an exciting research topic in humanities and social science are:

  • Selecting a viable research topic
  • Selecting a research topic in which the writer has a prior interest.
  • The selected topic should relate to the current scenarios in society and have a historical connection.
  • Selecting a topic which can create an impact on the society. 
  • It is helpful only to select topics with a minimal research scope. 
  • It is advisable to select a topic based on the research methodology used by the writer. 
  • Selection of a topic that is both interesting and informative for the readers.
  • It is essential to select a topic that has an ample amount of valid facts, examples, and evidence to support the arguments made by the writer made by the researcher in the research article. 

Also, it is important to note that the topic selected for the research would meet the standards and align with the guidelines provided by the university and the professor in colleges.

Best research topics on humanities and social science:

  • Comparing different strategies for negotiations between wars.
  • What is the role of age in changing the body image of individuals?
  • How does book reading help in making people more social in society?
  • Role of economic prosperity in increasing the feeling of patriotism
  • How does gender-based violence affect the development of children’s personalities?
  • Role of social media in influencing America’s political decisions.
  • Developed nations and their changing social ways?
  • Role of the UN in increasing global peace among countries
  • Teen pregnancies and their impact on societies.
  • What is the role of America in Europe’s restoration after WWII?
  • How can artists influence the war?
  • Role of Socrates in western democracy in today's world
  • Appalachian language its development and increasing academic power
  • Critical analysis of the part of conflicts in violence
  • Role of resilience in increasing environmental sustainability?
  • Importance of Perspective pathways for greater human flourishing
  • Appalachian Language and Regional Identity
  • Feminism and Jane Austen after the 18th-century convention
  • Relevance of the theories of Socrates in the 21st-century Western Democracy?
  • Explain the historical conflict between science and religion with examples.

Digital humanities and social science topics:

  • What role does social media play in making people feel more lonely in place of connecting them?
  • How are digital technologies helping in archiving archaeological data?
  • Role of computing in the development of humanities.
  • How are modern devices and technology increasingly affecting people’s relationships? 
  • Explore the extent of the digital revolution in human society.
  • What are the effects of video games on violence in society?
  • Explain the role of information technology in studying humanities and social science.
  • The printing press and its impact on spreading ideas.
  • Effects of modern gadgets on the mental health of the people. 
  • Does the problem of alcoholism require a scientific approach? 
  • How does digital technologies impact the quality of life of the people/
  • Digital academic data and its potential.
  • Digital communication and its future in the global world.
  • Role of data visualisation tools in changing the opinion of people
  • Part of technological development is caching the job role of the employees

Humanities and social science research Topics based on Religion:

  • Elaborate the conflict between social order and religion in the society
  • Which are the two most ancient religions in the world?
  • What is the impact of religion on the development of contemporary society?
  • What is the difference in the process of reincarnation in different religions?
  • What factors are responsible for the development of new religions in the world?
  • How does the church help in improving the well-being of the society?

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