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Love it or hate it, speeches and presentations are bound to come your way in school and college days. They are given as assignments or included in extracurricular events. The intention is to develop public speaking skills in students and provide them a platform to showcase their talent. If you have been assigned the task to deliver 5 minute presentations then the first question will obviously be “what topic should I choose?”

Selecting a good topic is the most tricky part as it forms the backbone of your presentation. If you are jiggling your brain for an interesting topic for speech, you’ve landed on the right page. Here we’ve compiled 200+ intriguing and easy topics for presentation. Scroll through the topic ideas and jot down the ones that spike your interest. Then brainstorm and pick the most suitable one and half of your battle will be won!

List of 5 Minute Speech Topics.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 5 minutes presentation topics across 16 categories:

Speech Topic Ideas Related To Science and Technology

  1. Is AI creating or destroying jobs?
  2. Will artificial intelligence overpower human intelligence?
  3. Explaining Genetic modification 
  4. India’s space missions -lessons we’ve learned
  5. How to use Chat GPT correctly?
  6. Breakthrough inventions of 21st century
  7. Biological Warfare and Its Consequences
  8. Steps for cybersafety
  9. Intelligent Irrigation techniques in middle eastern countries
  10. Techniques and Benefits of rainwater harvesting
  11. Technological unemployment
  12. The future of 3D Printing
  13. Electrical vehicles in India - Present and future

Speech Topics on Politics and Current Affairs

  1. Is democracy only a myth in present times?
  2. Vote bank politics in India
  3. How to prepare for civil services examinations?
  4. Student Politics- boon or bane
  5. Increasing influence of social media in elections
  6. LGBTQA+ Laws in India 
  7. Evolving international relations of India
  8. De-dollarization
  9. India’s G20 Presidency 2023 -reflections
  10. Rising cyber warfare
  11. Impact of Russia-Ukraine crisis on India
  12. Electronic voting - is it trustworthy?
  13. Crisis management lessons the world needs to learn after Covid 19

Business Related Speech Ideas

  1. Is a 4-day work week feasible?
  2. Decoding startup wave in India
  3. Benefits of moonlighting
  4. Passive income ideas
  5. Evolution of HR policies after Covid 19
  6. Strategies for building inclusive workspaces
  7. Benefits and risks of investing in cryptocurrency
  8. The rise of gig economy
  9. Market research - a crucial requirement for success
  10. 5 best marketing strategies of all time
  11. Should unpaid internships be banned?
  12. How to avoid layoffs?

Speech Ideas Related To Literature

  1. Reapplying Benjamin’s ‘Work of Art in the Age of Technological Reproducibility’ in present times
  2. Portrayal of illness in literary works
  3. Neo orientalism
  4. Literary Journalism
  5. The rising craze of fan fiction
  6. Nihilism in post covid texts
  7. Eco-feminism
  8. LGBTQA+ Literature in India
  9. Exploring Kafkaesque style
  10. Relation between painting and literature
  11. Disability literature
  12. Is third world literature an unethical concept?

Social Sciences Speech Topics

  1. Language Politics in India
  2. Importance of protecting minority cultures in India
  3. Taboos in modern society
  4. Weird festivals around the world
  5. Socialism vs Communism
  6. Is capitalism declining?
  7. Internationalism
  8. Busting myths around Hippie cultures
  9. The need to expand the concept of gender equality -LGBTQA+ perspective
  10. How to address the problem of Generation gap?
  11. Art influences of Mughal dynasty in India
  12. The changing nature of terrorism in modern times

Speech Topics on Sports

  1. Can digital games be included in sports?
  2. Reviewing the success of Khelo India Youth Games
  3. Does India need a caste based quota in cricket?
  4. Ethical issues in gender testing for athletes
  5. Mental health of sportsmen - how to take care?
  6. Challenges of women in sports in India?
  7. Should animal sports be banned?
  8. Reviewing the impact player rule in cricket
  9. Consequences of intervention of politics in sports?
  10. 5 lessons you’ve learned from your favourite sports personality
  11. How do sports help build character in children?
  12. Fan etiquettes - necessary or loss of freedom?
  13. Should betting be made illegal worldwide?

Speech Ideas on Health

  1. Alzheimer’s disease: Causes, Precaution, Cure
  2. The truth about protein powders
  3. Good home workout exercises
  4. Yoga for women
  5. Tips to maintain consistency in exercises
  6. Importance of knowing basic nutrition
  7. Will Functional Medicine revolutionize healthcare
  8. Pros and Cons of intermittent fasting
  9. Busting diet and exercise myths
  10. Different types of diets
  11. Managing mental health in the age of social media
  12. 10 ways to improve mental health

Art and Design Speech Topics Ideas

  1. Influence of different cultures on Indian art
  2. Can digital creations be considered as art?
  3. Therapeutic effects of doing mandala arts
  4. History of highly popular mandala arts
  5. Arts born out of fusion of different art forms
  6. 5 good apps for editing photos
  7. Unique arts around the world
  8. Graffiti - vandalism or art?
  9. Controversies around mental health of artists
  10. Free art vs controlled art - which do you support?
  11. Fine arts as occupation in India
  12. Has social media contributed to reviving arts?

Psychology Speech Topics

  1. Fascinating facts about human brain
  2. How does music affect the brain?
  3. Types of anxiety disorders
  4. Effects of violent video games on children’s minds
  5. Surviving through ADHD - Case study discussion
  6. Psychologist vs Psychiatrist vs Counsellor
  7. Why should psychology not turn into hard science?
  8. Psychological impacts in Covid 19 patients
  9. Pros and cons of digital tools in assessment and treatment of psychological disorders
  10. Fetishes in teens
  11. Role of psychology in marketing
  12. Symptoms of bipolar disorder
  13. Understanding multiple personality disorder

Films and Media Speech Titles

  1. Bollywood is collapsing - myth or reality?
  2. Negative consequences of actors endorsing harmful products
  3. How did film award functions lose their credibility and relevance?
  4. Have news channels turned into entertainment channels?
  5. Should tv debates be banned?
  6. Fake nature of reality shows
  7. Rising interference of politics in movies
  8. The role of daily soaps in strengthening stereotypes on women
  9. Ethical questions in documentaries
  10. Reviewing the impacts of lack of film certification laws in OTTs
  11. 5 all-time favourite ads
  12. Lowered news media standards and its undesirable effects

Speech Topic Ideas on Social Media

  1. Is text messaging affecting teen literacy?
  2. Necessity strict laws to curb the spread of fake news on social media?
  3. Twitter vs Instagram 
  4. How to reduce the use of social media by children?
  5. Tips to tackle social media addiction
  6. Can social influencer be seen as a full-time professional job?
  7. New exciting career options in social media
  8. How to do social media marketing effectively?
  9. Decoding metaverse
  10. How has social media influenced politics
  11. Social media and stalking
  12. Ethical issues behind posting animals’ and baby pictures’ and videos on social accounts
  13. Social media activism

Educational Speech Topics Ideas

  1. Is the Indian Education system creating only workers and no entrepreneurs?
  2. Explaining NEP
  3. Effectiveness of teachers’ training programmes
  4. Importance of education field visits
  5. The use of AI in teaching - pros and cons
  6. Why are standardized tests not relevant?
  7. Should differently abled children be taught in the same schools as other students?
  8. Importance of sex education
  9. Viewing sports as an integral part of education
  10. Should online degrees be banned?
  11. Bullying - consequences and how to reduce it?
  12. Reviewing ‘Beti bachao beti padhao’ scheme

Speech Topics on Environment

  1. Endangered species on Earth
  2. Decoding climate change
  3. Light pollution
  4. E-waste management 
  5. The dangerous effects of bush burning and its alternatives
  6. Explaining 7 Rs of sustainability
  7. Animal rights - success or failure
  8. Role of UN in protecting environment
  9. Acidification of ocean
  10. Rainwater harvesting techniques that can be implemented in every household
  11. Plastic roads - the road ahead to recycle plastic
  12. Decoding rising sea levels as an effect of global warming

Lifestyle and Fashion Speech Topic Ideas

  1. Monsoon skin care routine
  2. How to style for summers
  3. Tips to choose the best gifts
  4. Books to help you deal with changes in life
  5. Self care tips
  6. Books for beginner readers
  7. Habits of successful people
  8. Winter clothing and accessories trends
  9. Pop vs pastel colours - what to opt for and when?
  10. Benefits of having a hobby
  11. Unknown traditional fashion styles around the world
  12. Tips to practise mindfulness

Food Related Speech Topics

  1. Exploring cultures through food
  2. Famous ancient dishes of India
  3. History of French fries
  4. Steps to avoid food wastage
  5. Healthy fast food - myth or reality
  6. Decoding non veganism
  7. Ill-effects of a vegan diet
  8. Weird dishes around the world
  9. Culinary arts in children’s food
  10. Easy ways to go gluten-free
  11. Daily inflammatory foods you should avoid
  12. Popular restaurants in your city

Life Skills Speech Ideas

  1. Digital literacy in senior citizens
  2. Emotional intelligence
  3. Time management techniques
  4. Tips for Stress management
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Critical thinking vs creative thinking
  7. Strategies to maintain work-life balance
  8. 7 simple ways to improve mental well-being
  9. Reading food labels for healthy choices
  10. How to inculcate self discipline?
  11. Setting SMART goals
  12. Benefits of SWOT Analysis

We hope that you might have got some interesting topics for presentation from the above list. These thoughtful yet easy presentation topics will surely hook your audience and earn you pats on your back. You can also reserve some good ideas for future speeches or suggest topics to your friends.

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