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The conclusion of any essay is as essential as the introduction of any writing.  The closing section of the essay is critical as it helps convince the readers about the thoughts and ideas presented in the essay.  The conclusion of an essay is essential as it helps to summarise the critical points discussed in the essay.  Therefore, it becomes necessary to include all the major arguments made in the introduction and main body of the essay. 

What is a reasonable conclusion?

The conclusion of any essay is the last paragraph of a research or article, which helps in summarising the entire information provided in the essay. An essay's conclusion is crucial as it helps prove the ending of the article or the research paper. 

Importance of a good conclusion

  • A good conclusion helps in summarising the entire research or project.
  • Make the readers feel that the writer has provided a strong statement.
  • Motivates the readers to comment on the writing.
  • Provides evidence for the arguments made in the writing. 
  •  It helps in increasing the number of subscriptions for blog posts.

Sometimes, writers need to remember to include a proper or complete conclusion, which reduces the effectiveness of the information provided in the essay. Therefore, it becomes vital to have a conclusion in the essay as it will help enhance the thoughts and ideas made by the writer in the essay. It is also important to note that including strong words in the conclusion helps create a solid impact on the readers' minds and helps them remember the information provided for an extended period of time. Readers often need more solid conclusions in the essay or research to skip a particular topic.  Therefore, crafting a firm conclusion becomes essential in attracting the readers' attention to the arguments made by the writer on a specific topic.

Tips for writing a good conclusion paragraph:

The availability of a good conclusion is significant in creating a solid impression in the readers' minds regarding the information provided in the essay. Different methods, such as asking questions, using phrases, or asking for an action, can provide a string conclusion at the end of the writing.  Therefore, following a specified structure is essential while writing the conclusion for the essay or research. 

Tips  for starting a conclusion outlines

 A good quality conclusion for an essay should include the following elements. 

  • The conclusion should begin with a quality conclusion starter.
  • Summarise the essential arguments and ideas presented in the body of the writing.
  • A closing sentence for the ending of the conclusion.

Tips for starting the conclusion paragraph 

  • It is essential to refrain from including any new information regarding the topic of the essays or research that has yet to be provided in the main body of the case.
  • Minor or less critical parts of the essay should be avoided in the conclusion paragraph and include all the significant statements made by the writer, which are essential for the readers to understand.
  • Try to use unique ideas that can help impact the readers' minds long-term.

What are conclusion starters?

Conclusion starters are the opening phrases used while concluding a paragraph in the essay.  The conclusion starters help line the essay's main body and the conclusion paragraph on the topic. One of the most essential parts that should be included in writing a conclusion is using conclusion starters. The conclusion starters are significant in making the readers understand that the writer will complete the essay or research the topic.  Many different types of conclusion starters are available for differnet types of essays and research.  The kind of concluding topic and conclusion starter depends on the subject of the essay or research.

Characteristics of good conclusion starters:

Conclusion starters, also known as transitional phrases, are used to make the readers understand that they are approaching the end of the topic. Some of the significant characteristics of concussion starters are 

  • The conclusion starters are generally in the form of small phrases that help introduce the first line of the conclusion paragraph in an essay or research. 
  • They inform the readers that they have reached the end of the topic. 
  • Also informs the readers that no new ideas or information will be provided on the research topic. 
  • Help the raiders provide an overview of how the article or essay will be closed on a specific topic.

Conclusion Starters for high school students

  • Finally
  • In conclusion
  • Thus
  • To summarize
  • I conclude that
  • In a nutshell
  • In closing
  • In brief
  • In short
  • Surely
  • To finish with
  • To sum it all up
  • To put it briefly
  • Cutting a long story short
  • On balance
  • Overall
  • Ultimately
  • All in all
  • Given these points
  • In a word
  • On the whole
  • As shown above
  • Eventually
  • Based on the discussion above
  • As a result
  • Above all
  • Altogether
  • As stated above
  • Basically
  • As I see it

Conclusion Starters for college students

  • As a final point
  • In the final analysis
  • For the most part,
  • All things considered
  • For these reasons
  • So, I have concluded that
  • In effect
  • In my opinion
  • In the end
  • To wrap it all up
  • The summative conclusion is that
  • The study concluded
  • The broad conclusion
  • Towards this end
  • After all has been said
  • I recommend that
  • The informative conclusion is that
  • Now you know why
  • From now on
  • Looking back
  • I hope you can now learn that
  • Last but not least
  • In the future
  • You should now consider
  • I think I have shown that
  • Without doubt
  • The time has come to
  • I agree that
  • I hope you
  • To review

Conclusion starters for speeches and essays

  • In my opinion
  • Nevertheless
  • As expressed
  • With all these in mind
  • In a nutshell
  • Now that we know
  • I think there is no option but to conclude
  • For this reason
  • When faced with the question of
  • Given these points
  • To sum up
  • Generally
  • Therefore
  • Ultimately
  • There is nothing else we can conclude but


Conclusion Starters are significant in making the essay memorable for the readers over a long period. To increase the quality of the information provided in the essay or researcher, using good conclusion strategies becomes very helpful for the writer.

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