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Once upon a time, in the academic life of every student, they asked themselves a question: how much time does it take to write different types of assignments required in colleges and universities, such as dissertations, research papers or an essay? It is based on a simple logic that every student needs to know how much time they will require to complete a task to manage another task on schedule. Completing the task on time depends on personal planning, management and responsibility, as the time consumed on an assignment impacts the students' grades. However, the time required to complete a given assignment depends on the complexity and the length of the assignment. The following article will help provide information on different types of assignments and the time required for completing an assignment by a student.  The information in this article is beneficial for the students to understand the time required for completing assignments and helps better manage time for other important tasks and assignments. 

What is the time required for writing an essay?

An academic essay is one of the most basic types of essay given to students all over the universities and colleges in any part of the world.  An essay is a piece of writing that explains, argues or discusses any given topic.  Moreover, it is also essential for an essay to be well-organized and well-structured to provide a clear idea about the topic and the arguments made by the writer.  There are different types of essays: narrative, expository and argumentative essays. In general, an essay consists of  250 to 1000 words. However, the length of the essay can depend on the topic and the writer's requirements.  However, whenever writing an essay, it is essential to notice that focusing too much on the word count is not advisable. It is essential to communicate ideas effectively, which can help prove the arguments correctly made in the essay.  A general college student takes two to three hours to write a high-quality essay. However, different types of writing services work much more quickly and effectively. 

What is the estimated time required for writing a research paper?

A research paper is considered a more severe and complex type of writing when compared to an essay.  In a research paper, the student must research any given topic by themselves and analyze the information collected during the research.  During writing a research paper, it is also essential for the student to highlight the research findings in a specific format during the research study. The research paper generally consists of an introduction, a main body and conclusions. The average word count of research is around 3000 words and depends on the topic selected by the student. An average student needs a whole week to complete a research paper.  However, the time required to complete it can take more than a week if the topic is complex. The time required by the student to prepare a high-quality research paper also depends on the experience of the student or researcher.  Different types of writing services can be beneficial in completing the work in a very short period when compared to students. 

What is the time required for writing a personal statement?

Personal statements are those essays which help in providing information regarding your skills, motivations and experiences. Personal statements are provided along with applications submitted for graduation or scholarships. In some instances, personal statements are also required for job applications.  The personal statements generally consist of 500 words. However, the total length of personal statements depends on the type of application along with the personal letter being submitted. For instance, some applications require no personal statement or concise personal statement. However, in some cases, lengthy personal statements are required.  

Writing a personal statement is considered a very tricky task; it becomes difficult for the writer to balance too much and too little information about yourself.  A personal statement is used to provide the authority information regarding yourself. However, it is also necessary to make sure that the statement should not be more extended and rambling.  Moreover, it is also advisable to take the help of different online sources before writing a personal statement. It helps in making the writing easy for the student. 

What is the time required for writing a dissertation?

Dissertations are considered one of the longest, most complex and most significant assignments provided to the students.  Dissertation also plays an essential part in making the students get higher grades during the final exams. The dissertation helps make the student showcase their knowledge regarding a specific field and the ability of the student to conduct independent research when required.  The dissertation consists of the following sections, which include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussions and conclusions.  The total word count of a dissertation is different for different universities; however, the general word count ranges from 15000 to 20000 words. For an atypical student, writing a dissertation requires around six months for completion.  However, the minimum time required, the actual time required, is significantly more. It depends on many factors, such as the ability and knowledge of the student and the complexity of the topic. Also, in case the student has no experience in writing a dissertation, they can require more than one year to complete a high-quality dissertation paper. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the time required for writing 300 words?

A student generally requires around one hour to write 300 words. However, the actual time required is very much dependent on the complexity of the topic and the writing speed of the student.  This is also the same for any paper. size or writing format. 

  • What is the time required for writing 500 words?

A student requires around two hours to write 500 words. 

  • What is the time required for writing 800 words?

The average time required for a student to write 800 words is around 3 hours. 

  • What is the time required for writing 1000 words?

The student requires around 4 hours to write 1000 words. 


The following article will help in answering the questions such as the time required for completing different  types of assignments provided to the students.

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