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A good college life isn’t just about attending lectures and munching snacks at the canteen. School and college days are meant for taking challenges and improving your personality. Every school or college organises various extra-curricular activities to hone the abilities of students and give them a platform for showcasing their talents. Speech competitions or assignment presentations are a part of such endeavours. Preparing an informational speech is interesting and tricky at the same time. Unlike essays, speech has to be drafted keeping in mind active listeners. The topic should be exciting, connectable and unique and the content should be innovative and easily understandable. We have compiled an exhaustive list of speech topics for students in this blog. Also find valuable insights on structure of speech, essential elements and secret tips for presentation. 

What is an Informative speech?

An informative speech aims to educate the audience on a certain topic. It can include the speaker's personal opinions as well. The motto is to impart knowledge on a subject in an engaging and effective way. Since there is no option to reread a sentence like essays, a speech should be such that it can be absorbed by the audience at one go. Using short sentences is key to making your speech easily comprehensible. Another important part is to maintain the attention of the audience throughout your speech. Employing active voice, surprising facts and figures, voice modulation, humour (if possible) and posing questions are some of the strategies you can apply to hold your audience with you. Speech on current topics pique interest as they are less heard about and have an air of curiosity. 

Structure of an informative speech:

Structure-wise, an informative speech follows the same pattern as essays. It begins with an introduction of the topic, then proceeds to the main details and arguments and finally ends with a conclusion that leaves an impression on the listeners. 

a. Introduction:

Begin with an intriguing hook to activate your audience. A question or quote are the most used hooks in speeches but feel free to explore other types of hooks too. See our guide about generating striking hooks to get an idea of hook statements. Next provide some background on your topic and present your thesis sentence.

b. Body:

Proceed to give details on your subject. Breakdown and organise your points successively with smooth transitions. Provide a good deal of facts and figures to substantiate your claims. Don’t go astray from the main ideas just to give extra knowledge. Use a combination of long and short sentences and vary your sound pitch to keep the audience attached.

c. Conclusion

Emphasise on the significance of your topic, summarise the central points and end with a memorable sentence or trail that leaves an imprint on the minds of the listeners.

Informative topics for Speech:

Following are the guidelines for selecting topics of speech: 

  • Choose an area you are familiar with and passionate about.
  • Consider your audience and identify relatable subjects.
  • See if you can add something new in the content.
  • Make sure that the content on your topic can be presented in a fascinating way.
  • Take a note of the time limit and pick a topic accordingly. You can explore broad ideas in long speeches while short speeches will require specificity. 

Scroll through the list of best topics for speech including educational speech topics, short speech topics and current speech topics. Shortlist the ideas that spark your curiosity, brainstorm on each and select the one you are most passionate about: 

  • Anxiety issues in adolescents and solutions to overcome anxiety.
  • Will artificial intelligence take over human intelligence?
  • Why should education be skill based and not knowledge based?
  • Decreasing standards of Media in current scenario
  • Rising popularity of OTT platforms and its good and bad effects
  • Is virtual reality a good medium for work and studies?
  • Success and failures of UN in solving world conflicts
  • Effects of violent video games on children
  • The importance of sexual education in youth
  • An analysis of New Education Policy
  • Role of social media as a political tool
  • Waste management- the biggest challenge of 2023
  • Climate change- causes, effects and solutions
  • The great recession after pandemic
  • The effects of pandemic on businesses
  • Is the modern education system preparing entrepreneurs or employees?
  • History of racism in sports
  • Black holes- Discoveries and mysteries
  • The future of Earth in 2050
  • How can we increase the participation of youth in politics
  • Role of Bollywood in strengthening stereotypes about marginalised castes
  • Stress management in students
  • Causes and effects of rising number of international students
  • How can we make sports segment more women inclusive
  • Status of people with disabilities in India
  • Unsung heroes of your freedom struggle
  • Can online tournaments be considered as sports?
  • FOMO vs JOMO
  • The truth about microplastics and its alternatives
  • Best marketing tactics over the last decade
  • We use only 10% of our brains in lifetime -Myth or reality
  • Various types of phobias
  • Major space discoveries over the last century
  • The evolution of video games
  • Will the Metaverse cause a digital revolution?
  • Reasons for decreasing cinema audience
  • How can cryptocurrency change finance
  • The fake nature of reality shows
  • The psychology of selling things
  • The ethical issue in genetic modification
  • Ethical issues with animal testing
  • Why Darwin’s theory is true/false
  • Match Fixing problems in cricket
  • Surprising benefits of Yoga
  • Caste based politics in India
  • Modern controversies about transgender in sports
  • The status of transgenders in India
  • The importance of workplace culture
  • The undesirable effects of hustle culture
  • Impact of social media on self esteem of adolescents
  • The cowboy era- myths and truths
  • Colonisation and its everlasting effects
  • The evolution of LGBTQA+ rights and the way ahead
  • Themes in Gothic literature
  • Resistance literature
  • Crisis of masculinity
  • Is feminism the new age sexism?
  • Controversy around canonisation in literature
  • Tensions between baby boomers, millennial and generation Z
  • Lessons from COVID 19 pandemic
  • The craze for violent shows and its effects
  • How to build a business from scratch
  • Stages in business expansion
  • Growing concerns for cyber crime
  • Pros and cons of censorship
  • Government interference in religious laws
  • Me Too movement
  • Black lives matter movement
  • Should marijuana be legalised?
  • The importance of digital literacy
  • The role of student unions in universities
  • Psychology behind marketing 
  • Should autism be considered as abnormal?
  • Taboos around psychological disorders
  • PTSD and its treatment
  • The connection of food with heritage
  • Online relationships in today’s society
  • Misconceptions about dieting practices 

Coming up with topics about speech can be taxing. Choose a topic you are enthusiastic about and only then you will be able to transfer the excitement in the audience. The above list comprises the latest topics of speech and involves currently trending themes that your audience will like to hear about.

Public speaking imbibes self confidence, improves presentation and communication skills and grooms you for bright career prospects. Make sure to study about your audience and accordingly prepare a well researched speech replete with relevant facts.Take ideas for new speech topics from the list above and select the one you love to know about. Use conversational tone and sprinkle wow elements here and there to keep the audience hooked. Follow the appropriate structure and have an impact-full introduction and conclusion. Finally, devote ample time for practice. The more you rehearse the more confident you will be while speaking. So the next time you are given an opportunity to give a speech grab it and enjoy popping eyes and pats on the back!

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