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What is an American history argumentative essay?

As a student, different types of essays need to be prepared during the academic life cycle. An argumentative essay is such a kind of essay which the students make. 

Argumentative essays are those types of essays that consist of investigating a specific topic or phenomenon. The writer generally conducts a large amount of evidence to describe their viewpoint unbiased. To prepare an argumentation essay on the history of America, it becomes necessary to understand America's cultural diversity and complexity. 

American history is filled with many different types of feelings and emotions. From the very beginning of American history to the other revolutions it faced, from its development stories to changing leadership, from the various wars the country fought to the daily lifestyle of the Americans, American history provides multiple different types of topics for the preparation of an argumentative essay. 

Steps for selecting an argument easy:

  • It is essential to select which large amount of information is available, and the student has their own opinion on the topic chosen. 
  • Selecting a topic on which you can provide both the positive and negative sides of the issue or situation is essential. 
  • Select a topic on which the writer can provide a reasonable focus for delivering detailed information. 
  • Moreover, it is also essential to select a topic on which the writer can provide evidence regarding the writer's arguments on the chosen topic. 
  • Also, it is essential to select a topic relevant to the essay's audience, a historical argumentative essay.
  • Collecting information: To prepare a highly informative argumentative essay on American history containing a vast amount of relevant information is essential. 
  • Creating an opinion: The writer needs to develop a statement regarding the topic or issue selected in the argumentative essay. 
  • Making your claim: In the argumentative essay, it is important for the writer to make their claims as it helps connect with the essay's audience. 
  • Backing with evidence: To impact the readers' minds, the writer needs to provide evidence and proof regarding the arguments made by the writer in the essay. Providing evidence helps increase the reliability of the information in the essay.

Tips for writing an argumentative essay:

The following easy tips can be constructive in writing a quality argumentative essay on American history.

1. Introduction 

The first paragraph of the argumentative essay should begin with the statement, provide the background of the topic explained in the argument made by the writer, and provide evidence regarding the ideas created by the writer. 

2. Starting with an interesting fact

It is advisable to begin the topic with statistical information and personal information. A provoking thought and a quote. The essay's first sentence should attract the readers' attention to the information provided in the argumentative essay. 

3. Importance of giving evidence regarding the context of the topic

The readers generally take an interest in the topic when reading the essay and want to know more about the context of the incident on which the writer makes the argument. Proving the situation's background helps the readers understand the different opinions 

made by the writer regarding the topic selected in the essay. 

4. Stating the thesis of the argument

 It is essential to smoothly transition from the background to the main body in the argumentative essay.  This prohibits shifting the reader's attention from the main argument made in the essay. 

5. Providing evidence regarding the arguments made in the essay 

It is essential to provide reinvent information regarding the statements made by the writer in the essay at the end of the paragraph. This helps increase the clarity of the statements made by the writer in the essay. 

Tips for writing the introduction of an argumentative essay:

  • It is essential to sell the topic of the essay to the readers.
  • To increase the readers' interest, the introduction should begin with a hypothetical situation and provide information regarding the problem and situation. 
  • The introduction can also benefit from stating a provoking question, which helps grab the readers' attention toward the information provided in the argumentative essay on American history.
  • The introduction can also begin by explaining the problem or situation discussed in detail in the essay.
  • Also, a good introduction for an argumentative essay can begin with a contrast and compare.

American History:

The American history can be divided into the following section:

  • “Pre-Columbian era”
  • “The European Settlement”
  • “Road to Independence”
  • “The American Revolution”
  • “The early years of the republic”
  • “Sectional conflict and civil war”
  • “War, prosperity, and depression”
  • “Post-war America”
  • “The 21st century”

Before you head over to the best argumentative essay topics on American history, don't forget to check out these argumentative essay topics of 2023.

Essay topics for argumentative essay on American history:

  • The conflict between the colonists and Native Americans
  • The opposition of the Mormons.
  • How did the Mormons affect Western development and American society?
  • Factors responsible for the American Revolution.
  • Causes for the beginning of the American Civil War.
  • Factors responsible for the Great Depression.
  • Great Depression and its impact on the American history
  • Great Depression and  the Reaganomics 
  • How did the USA influence the  First World War?
  • How the USA influenced the Second World War.
  • Role of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour for involving the USA in the “Second World War.”
  • Why the bombings made on  Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unjustified?
  • Importance of the  Korean War for the United States?
  • Cuban Missile Crisis and the Role of the USA
  • The Iraq War was one of the biggest mistakes made by the USA in recent history.
  • What does America gain from the Mexican War?
  • Role of America in proving the Mexican Word?
  • What were the effects of the Mexican War on  America?
  • How did women influence the American Civil War?
  • What was the Cold War movement's role in changing the American government's opinions on the invasion of Vietnam?
  • How did the anti-war movement change the opinion of the American government toward war?
  • How did the media influence public policy around the  Vietnam War?
  • North America under British colonisation.
  • What are the differences between the Southern and Northern colonies?
  • Roanoke and its Lonely Colony
  • Lai Massacre and its military crime

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