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After selecting a particular field of study, one of the most challenging challenges the students face is gathering information regarding the research in a particular domain. Moreover, it is also essential to understand the feasibility of the research study, research project, or literature review before starting the research. 

What requirements need to be taken care of before selecting the research work?

The related studies are generally used to study or review the various existing frameworks in the selected research field. This is more important for PhD students as it helps prove a path for completing the overall research project. The topics for related studies are generally selected from magazine website links, government, and other sources. 

Benefits of conducting related studies

  • It helps identify the various problems presented in the existing field of related studies.
  • It helps identify the methods and procedures developed during the completion of the related studies.
  • Provides information regarding the best techniques for the most effective outcome after the research. 

The answers to these problems benefit the students as they help them assess the methodology and feasibility required to complete the research study.

After the completion of the Master's level and PhD. level, the students need to submit a thesis or dissertation paper, which is known as the written documentation of the research work. It is also important to justify the need for the research work in the related studies. Also, the students conducting the research can identify the different literature gaps in the selected field of study while presenting a complete dissertation paper on the research. 

Characteristics of related study

Completing different related studies is considered essential as it helps the students conducting the research work to gather in-depth information regarding the study and better understand the given topic. Moreover, it helps clarify vague information presented on the topic, improving the research topic's clarity for the student. Conducting related studies also helps the researcher compare the results gained from their study with those obtained by other researchers on the same topic during their research work.  

Some of the significant characteristics of related studies for students in master's and PhD levels are

  • The related studies are based on recent information: To complete research work on a related study, it becomes vital to review new and fresh information due to rapid changes in technology usage, human lifestyle, and the economic, scientific, and social lifestyle of the people. 
  • The material should be reviewed unbiased: To improve the credibility of the related study, it is vital to avoid reviewing the very politically and religiously influenced literature. This is important as it helps the researcher conduct an unbiased study of related studies.
  • The information collected is related to the field of study: To improve the quality of the research study completed on related studies by PhD and master-level students, it is essential to collect information related to the field of the study. This helps focus on the study's main objective and provides valuable solutions for the problems identified in the study. 
  • The information reviewed is genuine and is based on facts: It is essential for the students conducting related studies to avoid using vague or fictional information in the research study to prove various theories and information. It makes the study false and unsuitable for further use by any other researcher. 
  • Reviewing an adequate amount of materials: To improve the credibility of the related study, the researcher needs to provide an ample amount of resources in the research study. This helps provide in-depth information regarding the problems identified in the related studies and also helps highlight the types of related studies conducted during the research work. The number of materials reviewed during the research also depends on the availability of information related to the topic of the study. 

Different sources of related studies for PhD and master-level students

Relate studies are essential for the completion of thesis papers for students at PhD. and master levels. Some significant sources of related studies are books, encyclopedias, reports from different seminars, laws, and constitutions, unpublished dissertations, and theses.

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