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What is Persuasive Speech?

Persuasive speech is essential to inspire and make others listen to your voice. The use of persuasive speech plays a vital role in attracting the attention of colleagues and teachers and any listener ready to listen to you. Students, schools, and colleges are asked to present persuasive writing at birthday parties.  When the persuasive essay is done correctly, it makes convincing the readers of the writers' arguments easy.  Persuasive speech helps showcase to others that the writer knows the topic of the essay.  Persuasive writing is beneficial in showcasing that the writer has deeply analysed the topic and the points made by the writer are valid as a speech on special occasions.  The article will be beneficial in proving different persuasive speeches that can be used in writing.

Different Components of Persuasive Writing

To create a persuasive speech topic, having the following three components in your speech is essential. These are Logos or logic, ethos or ethics, and pathos or emotions.

Logos: They provide high-level logic and reasoning to the advertisements regarding a topic. This type of language is generally used in advertisements of products and services.

Ethos: The technique helps in using the sense of the reliability of the targeted audiences to make the arguments made by the writer valid.

Pathos:  The technique uses the emotion, nostalgia and emotions of the audience to make them convince the writer.

Tips for Writing an Excellent Persuasive Speech

A quality persuasive speech consists of a debatable issue and is relevant to the speaker.  The speech should also contain facts and data regarding the case, which can help change the perspectives.

  • Catches the listeners' interest: The selected topic should attract the listeners' interest. This is important in gathering a large number of attention from the audience. Conducting in-depth research to provide arguments and information to draw the listeners' attention is essential.
  • Audience-centric: Using quality ideas and topics can help appeal to a large audience. Therefore, selecting the case based on the audience's interest is very helpful in appealing to many audiences.
  • Selecting unique topics: Choosing particular and not repetitive issues is also essential. For instance, legalising abortion is very common topic for a persuasive speech.  These types of problems should only be selected when new information is available.
  • Justify the demand: One of the most important aspects of persuasive speech is that it should suit the listeners' needs. For instance, a speech on gender equality is unsuitable if given at sports day meetings in schools and colleges.

Types of Persuasive Speech

Persuasive speeches generally help evaluate the different statements followed by reasoning and data. The subject matter of persuasive speech determines the speaker's type of speech. There are generally three different types of persuasive speech. They are namely

1. Factual Persuasive speech:

This type of speech is based on a specific statement and belief that may be false and accurate, supported by solid evidence presented by the speaker.  It helps to make the audience believe that something happened or has not happened and anything exists or does not exist.

2. Value Persuasive Speech:

This type of persuasive speech helps determine whether any incident is right or wrong, moral or immoral, ugly or beautiful, and good or bad.  This type of speech helps determine the ethical and moral aspects of any incident and helps define the falsity and truth of any situation or event.  For instance, proving whether capital punishment is moral or immoral is an example of value persuasive speech.

3. Policy persuasive speech:

Policy claims are also considered one of the essential aspects of persuasive speech.  This type of speech is generally given to the audience to convince them to reject or accept a particular policy. This type of speech helps in providing in-depth knowledge regarding the issue and also helps in providing different solutions. This is one of the most commonly used persuasive speeches, as we live in a society governed by different rules, policies and regulations.

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  • Impact of  marketing on people and their perceptions 
  • Challenges related to  recycling and potential solutions 
  • What is the importance of water conservation? 
  • How countries can reduce global warming without losing money? 
  • How educational value of TV can be improved?
  • Lack of knowledge regarding education options?
  • Importance of political correctness if implemented ethically
  • Different types of global issues faced by the countries in the world? 
  • What is the importance of education in progressive growth?

Persuasive speech Topics on Animals

  • Testing products on animals: is it ethical or not?
  • Is it ethical to lock the animals in zoos?
  • Is it ethical to use products made from animal fur?
  • Is it suitable to euthanise stray animals?
  • What role do companion animals play in changing the lives of people?
  • Is it rational to be scared of harmless yet frightening or unusual animals?
  • Keeping wild and exotic pets away from their natural habitat is ethical. l?
  • Should we kill pets to control their overpopulation?
  • Is it reasonable to keep uncommon animals in the home?
  • What are the Ten ways by which we can improve the life of animals?

Unique Persuasive Topics

  • Are Electric cars harmful to the environment?
  • Is Depression overrated, and we all have to face it?
  • we still complain, although we are living a better life together 
  • The prison system fails to create better humans 
  • Being creative or unique does not mean you have to be untidy
  • Needs for younger politicians in the country
  • Racism will always exist in the society
  • Most businesses advertise similarly without any actual difference. 
  • The future is all about Bitcoin and other digital currencies 
  • Senior citizens should have the right to vote.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Mental Health 

  • Is it easy to identify personality disorders among teens?
  • How does uniqueness depend on differences in people?
  • What are the similarities and differences in phobias of teens and children?
  • Is it ethical to provide children with medications for mental issues?
  • What is teh role of media in increasing the number of Suicide among teenagers? 
  • What is the role of psychological study in increasing stress among students?
  • Mental problems during the teenage years depend greatly on peer pressure children face in homes and schools.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Business

  • Role of skilful employees in the overall success of a business organisation 
  • Are introverts better entrepreneurs?
  • Role of Mentor in Influencing Your Entrepreneurial Success
  • Role of business position in the market for deciding the current and future business plans
  • Importance of social media in formulating a successful marketing plan
  • Why is the role of passion in a successful business organisation? 
  • Starting a successful business with no money
  • Importance of  unorthodox business ideas in the market
  • Role of positive and negative customer feedback in increasing the business's sales in the market. 
  • The benefits of delegation
  • It is suitable for Employers to ask for their employees’ social media accounts. or wrong?
  • It is unethical for employers to ask questions about an employee’s personal life.

Persuasive Speeches for Kids

  • The life of a teen is mainly dependent on technology in the 21st century 
  • The role of the teacher in the development of society is far more than that of any other profession 
  • Role of Video games in increasing  violence among young children and teens
  • Is it okay for children and teens to watch music videos
  • Mental health and well-being should be included in the school curriculum
  • Kids under 16 years shouldn’t have their own social media accounts
  • Exam results should not be used to define the ability of the student.
  • Is it suitable to punish students dealing with bullets?
  • Is the number of tasks given to the students in schools appropriate
  • Feeling shy to talk to others and methods for overcoming them
  • Most healthy sports for children? 
  • Ways to write the best title for essays?
  • How do you overcome public speaking fear?
  • Different ways for challenging Math problems?

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