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Selecting an international dissertation topic is very complex for students facing various challenges.  Sometimes, the students select a very narrow topic due to many issues present in international business. The following article will be beneficial in making the students select an interesting international research topic. The article will give the students the knowledge required to generate topics and ideas for completing the international dissertation paper. Some significant dissertation topics in international business are international business management,  different entry modes of MNCs, tariff management, and export and import.

Steps for selecting an international dissertation topics:

Some of the essential steps that can help the students in selecting an engaging international business dissertation.

  • Although the professor in the colleges provides various types of topics, the students need to select a topic according to their interest. Increasing the writer's interest helps motivate the writer to prepare an interesting dissertation.
  • It is also advisable to avoid topics that are too general and narrow. However, selecting a narrow topic can be difficult for the students and dull the dissertation.
  • It is also important to select topics related to current events in international business. This is essential in making the dissertation more relevant and helps increase the readers' interest in the dissertations. 
  • The students can use the Google search engine to select the best and trending dissertation topic in international business. 
  • It is also important for the students to select a topic with a vast amount of information on the online platform. This helps the students collect much information about the topic and makes the dissertation informative. 

Writing a dissertation paper on international business 

After selecting the topic for the dissertation, it is essential to plan the research study.  Planning the dissertation paper includes the following elements.

  • Selecting a credible and authentic source of information is essential when preparing a dissertation on international business. This helps in making the research paper more credible for the readers.  It is advisable to avoid Wikipedia when collecting information for the dissertation topic. 
  • Taking the help of the professor and supervisor when writing a bibliography can be very helpful for the students. 
  • Collect a lot of relevant information related to the international business dissertation topic.
  • Rechecking the bibliography to increase the quality of the list. 
  • The sources selected for the completion of the dissertation should be at most 5-10 years old. The age of the sources selected depends on the introduction provided by the professor or supervisor of the dissertation work. 
  • Prepare a structure and outline of the dissertation paper on international business. 
  • Prepare a plagiarism-free dissertation paper. 
  • Proofread and edit the dissertation paper before final submission as it helps identify different types of grammatical errors and remove them to improve the overall quality of the information provided in the dissertation paper. 

Topics ideas for international business dissertation 

  • International business strategy of Apple products
  • Localisation or Adaptation? Which is considered the best internationalisation strategy? Adaptation or localisation.
  • What is the impact of ethics and CSR on the business processes of MNCs? A Case Study of Proctor and Gamble.
  • Factors responsible for the success of Carefree in China.
  • Some of the significant mistakes made by startups today.
  • What is foreign exchange market? 
  • What are the significant factors influencing the location of the manufacturing plants of different products??
  • Detailed analysis of the international strategy used by Toyota and GM Motors.
  • Explain the Entry used by Coca-Cola to enter the Cuban market
  • What is the role of terrorism in affecting the economy of a country?
  • How does the government influence international trade?
  • How does Brexit impact the economy of the UK? 
  • What is the role of Brexit in the economy of Dubai?
  • Business strategies used by airlines
  • How do legislation policies impact Tobacco production and marketing?
  • Does war create profit for the government?
  • Companies with national success and international failure.
  • Analyse the international IT market and industry.
  • Role of new technologies such as artificial intelligence on the workforce.
  • What is the difference between globalisation today and globalisation yesterday?
  • How does country of origin labelling impact the sales of the business internationally?
  • What are the different economic consequences of nuclear power on the EU?
  • How does increasing patent cases affect the sales of Apple products in the market?
  • Detail analysis of Google Inc.
  • Role of digital marketing in the global market?

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