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What is a research paper?

A research paper is an essay that helps demonstrate a student's various learning and understanding after thoroughly exploring the research topic. The research paper includes various types of information, such as sources such as books, the internet, interviews, articles, and blogs. While writing a research paper, the researcher can also use their thoughts, ideas, knowledge, creativity and opinions. The essential requirement for writing a high-quality research study is to include more than 75% of your own words on the research topic.  The research paper can also be described as a type of academic writing that helps review, provide descriptions, and justify various independent research topics. Research papers are similar to educational essays submitted in schools and colleges. However, they are longer, more designed, and more detailed. The writing of research papers is beneficial for the students as it helps increase the writer's writing skills. Moreover, writing research papers is also considered helpful as it helps increase the students' research-conducting skills.  The students conducting research work are required to demonstrate a strong knowledge regarding the research topics, using different types of sources of information and providing an original contribution to the research topic.

Essential sections in a research study:

Every research paper begins with a definite question formed by the researcher. The questions form the topic of the research study. A particular research paper describes a study that provides information regarding different procedures, discoveries, quarry, and relevant information related to the research topic. There is no particular rule related to the manner or style of writing a research paper for submission to universities and colleges for academic purposes. Other than the content and presentation of the paper, the researcher's writing style differs from different types of research studies. It varies from one field to another and researcher to researcher. 

The most common parts of a research paper:

1. Title or the cover page:

It is the first and most important page in any research study. It contains essential information such as the name of the research study, author of the study, address, phone number, contact information of the researcher, and date of research.

2. Abstract

An abstract is an essential element in a research paper. However, the abstract may sometimes be excluded from the research paper.  Abstracts are considered more valuable in those research papers where the study is very long and complex. The abstract for any research study is generally written in 100-300 words and should be completed in one page. The abstract helps provide information regarding the research study's theme and essence. The abstract also provides information regarding the research questions addressed, the importance of the research questions, the methodology used by the researcher, and the research study's findings. However, the abstract should not include any information regarding the reference used in the research study. The abstract of any research paper is vital as it is the first thing the audience reads and helps create the first impression in the reader's mind.  The abstract of the research study should impress the readers with appealing content, a distinctive writing style, and an aesthetic presentation. The researcher should provide the utmost care when writing the abstract of any research study. 

3. Introduction and problem statement

A high-quality introduction to the research study helps describe the significant problems identified in the research and thesis statement.  The introduction provides information regarding the research topic, the study's authenticity and originality, and gaps identified during the research. 

4. Study limitations

It is essential to highlight the research papers' limitations and topics that will not be included in the research study. The study's limitations can be due to various factors such as personnel, time, age, gender, nationality, geographic location, etc. 

5. Methodology

It is an essential section in any research paper and provides information on the data type and methodology used in the research study. The section provides information on whether qualitative and quantitative data were used in the research paper. Moreover, the section also provides information regarding the data collection method used in the research paper, such as primary or secondary data collection methods.

6. Literature review

While preparing the research study, the researcher uncovered various pieces of information on the research topic from different writers. The research paper should contain information regarding the various information already available on the topic of the research study and how the researcher acquires the knowledge. The researcher provides information regarding the specific and general research regarding the research topic, which helps the researcher to build new research on the existing research. 

7. The main body of the research study

It is one of the lengthiest parts of any research paper. The researcher builds the thesis statement in this section and provides evidence and arguments supporting the research study.  The section is mainly used for building the thesis paper and rationally provides clear reasoning and arguments for all the points stated by the researcher.  Including any relevant information regarding the research study in this section is essential. 

8. Conclusion

After writing a significant amount of time introducing and providing arguments regarding the thesis of the research study in the body of the research study, it is essential to conclude the research paper. The conclusion helps connect all the different sections of the research paper and provides the solutions to the problems identified in the research study.  Creating an informative and appealing conclusion is beneficial as it helps increase the satisfaction level of the readers of the research study. When read independently, a well-organised and informative conclusion helps gain the audience's praise and appreciation. 

9. Appendices

The research paper prepared for universities and academic purposes includes more than one appendix. The appendix contains information regarding the different tables and data, which can help the reader understand the various concepts and arguments used in the research study.  The appendix section could include summaries, charts, tables, interview questions, maps, statistics, photographs, pictures, survey instruments, historical documents, or any other type of evidence. The appendix is generally placed after the kin body and the reference page in the research paper.

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