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The Internet is a global network that helps connect different computers in different parts of the world, enabling users to interact in any part of the world. The Internet gained its popularity gradually with time, and today, around 50% of the world population is an active user of Internet services globally in their daily life. The Internet is an integral part of our daily life. It is used for booking plane and train tickets and purchasing grocery items.  The development of the internet has played an essential role in the upcoming develpment of some significant business organizations in the world, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook.  However, the development of the internet has also caused many problems, such as making people very much dependent on the internet.

Advantages of Internet

Some of the significant advantages of the Internet are:

  • Quick access to a large volume of information: One of the biggest and most significant advantages of the internet is that it helps access large amounts of information quickly. The internet enables the user to search for information on a few clinics. The user can simply type the keywords on the search engine, and the internet provides a large amount of search related to the keyword. The information provided on the internet can be further filtered based on time, relevance, and rating given by the users.  The feature is beneficial in gathering up-to-date information regarding the search query of the user. 
  • Learning platform: The internet can help users learn anything and anytime in any part of the world. The Internet provides a large amount of information to gain different kinds of knowledge on different types of subjects. It includes online courses, research papers, tutorials, videos, case studies, FAQs, and more. Various online forums, such as Quora and Reddit, and other communities provide valuable information regarding different subjects and fields. 
  • Improving the standard of living: The Internet is considered one of the most significant. Invention created by humanity. The development of the internet has played an essential role in making life more accessible and efficient. The internet has resulted in the development of technology, which has reduced the need for manual labor. Increased automation has resulted in making life more manageable and restful. 
  • Improved communication: One significant feature of the internet is the improved way of communication in different parts of the world. The internet has provided the ability to communicate with anyone across the globe. The internet has made it easy to connect to anyone in the world in seconds, which has resulted in making physical distance unimportant in present life. 
  • Socializing: The development of the internet has increased the use of social networking such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  The development of social media platforms has resulted in the development of social communities worldwide. 


Disadvantages of internet 

Although the internet has played an essential role in providing large-scale benefits to humanity, it also has some significant drawbacks. Some of the significant disadvantages of the Internet are 

  • Cyber breach: One of the significant disadvantages of the internet is the increasing cases of cyber breach. Any application, website, software, and email are subjected to cyber breach. It has increased the vulnerability to theft of personal information of the users. 
  • Reduced socialization: The internet is playing an essential role in creating social communities over the internet. However, it has reduced the real-life socialization of people in the physical world.  The development of intent and socialization has reduced the human bonds developed over the years. 
  • Identity theft: The development of the internet has resulted in the development of cyber criminals who steal information and essential credentials and commit fraud in society. Cybercriminals generally use illegal ways and unauthorized access to steal the personal information of internet users. After stealing personal information online, they use it to create various crimes and frauds to meet their interests. This type of activity results in various types of problems for internet users. 
  • Addiction: Addiction is considered one of the biggest problems after the development of the internet in society. The increasing use of the internet has made people addicted to it over the period. Young people, such as teenagers and children, are spending considerable amounts of time on social media platforms and playing games.  These teenagers are more addicted to online life than to real life. All these factors make children more addicted to the virtual world than the real world. The increased addiction to the internet makes the children aggressive and depressed when they are stopped from using the internet. 
  • Reducing the attention span: The increased amount of social media applications over the Internet has reduced the attention span of the human brain. 


The internet is a blessing for humanity and plays a vital role in the development of humanity. However, there are new challenges that have emerged due to the development of the internet over the years. 

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