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A quick question to begin with - How many apps are there currently in your phone? 5, 10, 15? Well, combining the in-built and downloaded apps, every android cell phone has a minimum of 50 apps on an average.

We are living in a tech-savvy world where there’s an app for everything. Did you know the Play Store and iOS have apps for shaving and milking the cow too? Makes for a good laugh. However, today, we have got you a collection of extremely useful apps for colleges that you can take advantage of to ease and better your school and college life. 

From taking notes to assignments to budgeting, these 10 apps for university students are a must. Take a look and make the most of the tech benefits your forefathers wished they had!

10 Must have Apps for College Students:

1. Notion:

This app is for note taking, project management and task tracking. It provides a single space for organizing everything that matters. It offers clean and open surface for thinking, writing and planning. It’s highly customizable for different organizational needs. It’s insanely powerful tool if you’re willing to put in the time to learn and configure it to match your workflows.

What Notion is good at?

Versatile Capability- No longer need of separate solutions for task management, note taking, documentation, and content creation.

Asynchronous Collaboration- Inside the Notion, all your team information is centralized. Updates happens in real time, so you’ll always be in sync. You and your team can work together in real time or on your own time.

Relational Database

Everything’s a Page- A page in Notion can be as straightforward as a document, or it can be a doorway to an entirely interconnected database/ wiki.

50+ block types- Notion comes with over 50 different block types that you can place anywhere with an easy drag- and- drop.

Granular sharing permission- You can have a full control of who sees what.

Notion AI powered features can take your productivity to next level.


2. Duolingo:

Duolingo is an effective app for learning new languages and personal development. It is so user friendly and you can easily track your learning in the app. Duolingo is available via app so you can take courses anytime and anywhere. It is so engaging and has micro learning sessions, you can easily finish it in relatively short time. And trust me with Duolingo, learning can be so much fun.

Why Duolingo?

Duolingo is easy to use and it’s more guided. It eases you into the language you chose to learn. It is fun as it uses learning as game. It is also easily accessible


3. Forest

Forest is a focus app that helps you stay off your phone and stay productive. The app is fun to use because it appeals to certain core drives within us that motivate us towards certain activities. The Pomodoro technique is already a well proven method for time management and productivity, and this app gives you just that. The app also has ability to play ambient sound to help with your focus. The app works smoothly and the user interface is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

3. Evernote

Are you one of those college buds who has one book for all the subjects? If so, we understand how brain fogging it is to turn over the pages to study at night of exams. The problem can be solved with one of the most easy-to-use free studying apps - Evernote.

Evernote is an organizing app where you can categorize and segregate your notes. It will help you find exactly what you want at one place and make it convenient for you to revise and study notes.

You can also schedule your assignments, embed photos, audios, save online material on the go, tag friends and maintain to-do lists. This app will surely solve many of your issues and smoothen your school/college journey.

4. Mint


Mint is a budget-planning app that you can use to keep your spending in check. It lets you track your expenses according to the activities (e.g. transport, mobile bills, rent, etc.). You can exactly allot your money for specific tasks and find out whether you are on the right track and not overspending.

It will help you become efficient with your finances, save you from month-end cash scarcity and may get you some pats on the back from your proud parents.

5.  MyFitnessPal


You can’t deny that school and college days are the most enjoyable and carefree days of life. Burgers, pizzas, coke, noodles and momo are everyday foods to munch and relish with buddies. MyFitnessPal is a health app that you can use to examine your state of fitness.

It has features to allow you to plan your meal, maintain water levels, manage nutrient levels most importantly keep your weight in check. It is like your virtual health coach available 24/7 to guide and inform you about your health so that you can continue your enjoyment for a longer time without falling sick.

6.  Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is an app used to scan images and store and share them as PDF docs. It's a better way to store the images of handwritten notes in your phone or share them with your friends. 

Besides, it is good to have it during the documentation process when you’re required to submit scanned copies of your official documents in online forms. 

7. Canvas Student:

Canvas Student app is best for course management. If your college uses this app, it helps you track assignments, grades and announcements. Canvas is comprehensive and user friendly.

8. Wolfram|Alpha:

Wolfram|Alpha is a computational search engine useful for solving mathematical problems and science questions. It also creates stunning materials for the practice. Sparks curiosity by presenting real world problems with real world data.

How Wolfram|Alpha is beneficial for students?

Give every student the power of self-assessment.

Numerous topics

In depth search tips

Mobile optimized apps

 9. Grammarly

Grammarly is writing assistant that helps with grammar, punctuation, and style, useful for essays and assignments. Files can be uploaded & downloaded very easily. Moreover, it is available with a plagiarism checker. It is also user friendly.


10. Quizlet

Quizlet is an app for creating and studying flashcards. It is great for memorizing terms and concepts. Quizlet is an amazing learning tool. It is easy to use and have plenty of varieties in study modes. You can also make, share and find study sets from other users.


Hope this helps you for finding the most useful apps as per your usage.

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