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What is a Pecha Kucha Presentation?

The Pecha Kucha Presentation, or the 20x20 presentation, presents 20 different sides with different images; everyone is displayed for only 20 seconds. There is no way of skipping the slides in a Pecha Kucha Presentation or returning to the previous slide, as the images auto-slide one after the other. This limits the total duration of the side to 6 minutes 40 seconds. The format of the Pecha Kucha Presentation is similar to that of a lightning talk by the speakers, where every speaker is allowed to use only five slides for the presentation. Also, the format is identical to ignite conversations where the speaker needs to provide a 20-slide presentation in not more than 15 seconds. One of the significant challenges in using Pecha Kucha Presentation is to convey their message with the help of impactful images combined with powerful statements in the given time frame. The Japanese meaning of Peecha Jultha is chit-chat. Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein developed this presentation format to promote the usage of a high-speed presentation style. This widely used presentation style is exploited in academic sessions, informal gatherings, and business meetings worldwide.

Benefits of using Pecha Kucha presentation style:

  • Helps in engaging the viewers: The short timing in the Pecha Kucha presentation makes it very interesting for the audience. As the sides of the presentation change every 20 seconds, it helps engage the audience with the information provided. This also helps hold the viewers' attention and creates a long-term effect on the audience's minds.
  • It helps in increasing the focus on the main topic. As in this type of presentation, the time available to the speaker is minimal. It helps keep the presentation on track, increases focus on the main topic, and reduces the use of irrelevant information. This is crucial in corporate presentations as the time provided is minimal, and providing essential data is very much necessary.
  • Providing visually attractive presentation: The Pecha Kucha presentations make large-scale usage of the image, which helps communicate highly complex information to the audience in a straightforward way. This creates a long-lasting memory in the viewers' minds and improves the image's overall quality. Also, any information presented in the form of prints is more quickly grabbed by the reason compared to written or spoken communication, which further improves the overall impact of the presentation.
  • Helps promote communication and creative thinking ability: Pecha Kucha presentations enable the presentation by using visual images to provide relevant information to the audience. As the time provided is significantly less, the writer focuses mainly on the topic, which helps in increasing the quality of the communication between the audience and the presentation. Also, synchronising the messages and images promotes creative thinking and connecting different ideas to provide meaningful messages.

Steps for creating a Pecha Kulcha presentation:

  • Defining the message: Proving a clear message is crucial in preparing a presentation. Identifying the core message that must be provided in the presentation makes it easy to select the most relevant information required for food, making it highly informative.
  • Selecting the right visuals: After identifying the core message that needs to be provided in the presentation, it is essential to choose the most appropriate picture that can help attract the viewers' attention As the  Pecha Kucha presentations depend highly on visuals to narrate the story, images are the most critical aspect of the presentation. As every slide needs to be completed in 20 seconds, using appropriate images becomes more important than written communication for conveying the image to the audience and creating a long-lasting impact on their minds.
  • Creating a structure: The Pecha Kucha presentation requires a well-defined structure in its preparation. This helps keep the presentation on track and provides ample information in the stipulated time of 20 seconds. Also, providing the presentation in a well-defined format helps the audience quickly understand the information provided and increases the audience's attention level. A linear structure, consisting of an introduction, main body, and conclusion, is considered very effective in preparing a well-structured Pecha Kucha presentation for the viewers.
  • Ample amount of practice: Pecha Kucha's presentation highly depends on the time allotted; a consistent approach becomes essential to be confident in delivering the presentation in front of the audience. Practising a dry run of the presentation is very helpful as it makes it easy to convey the message in the stipulated time during the actual delivery of the project.

Valuable ideas and tricks for making Pecha Kucha presentation:

  • Make use of storytelling technique:  The storytelling technique while delivering the main topic of the presentation can be beneficial in engaging the audience during the presentation. As people are generally attracted to stories, preparing the presentation as a story with a clear starting, middle, and conclusion can be very helpful.
  • Creating a strong connection with the audience: Telling a story to the audience can be very helpful in connecting with the audience. However, it is more important to make them connected is more critical. Therefore, the speaker needs to keep constant eye contact with the audience during the representation., to identify the audience's response regarding the information provided. This will help connect with the audience and answer their queries regarding the presentation or the topic discussed during the presentation.
  • Being ready for unexpected challenges: It is essential to make sure that during the presentation, there should be no room for any mistakes in the presentation. As a result, it is advisable to have a contingency plan in case any mishap occurs. For instance, the writer can save the presentation in cloud storage in case the presentation gets lost both from the external drive and the device.


Pecha Kucha's presentation is considered one of the most exciting ways of presenting complex ideas to the audience quickly and engagingly. However, it is vital to focus on the main topic and use high-quality images, which can help grab the audience's attention and create a long-lasting impression in the audience's mind.

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