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Psychology studies the mental and behavioural aspects of human beings. The increasing number of psychological cases has often increased the demands for psychology students. The psychological study considers the feelings and thoughts of humans and how different factors, such as psychological, external, and physiological factors, influence the mental conditions of other individuals. The psychological study also considers the environmental factors, biological factors, and social pressures that influence the decision-making capability of a group of individuals or people in the correct and wrong decisions in their personal and professional lives. As per a famous quote by Jeff Bezos, "The human brain is an incredible pattern-matching machine," and it becomes the psychologist's duty to gather information regarding human behaviour by conducting in-depth research on the subject. The study of psychology includes various subjects, including the workings of the human brain, memory, consciousness, reasoning, language, personality, and mental health.

The psychology dissertation is essential for the students as it helps provide much knowledge regarding the human brain and behaviour. However, selecting an exciting dissertation topic is vital as it helps attract the readers' attention and helps them score high academic grades.

Why is it essential to select trending topics for a dissertation?

Selecting the dissertation topic from the trending topics in psychology helps save the students the most appropriate amount of time in choosing the most reinvented topic for a psychological dissertation.  Moreover, selecting the case from the trending list is also essential as it helps attract many readers for the research. The following article will help you choose the most trending topics for your dissertation in  2023 on the subject of psychology.

The most trending psychology topics of the year 2023.

Clinical dissertation topics on psychology:

  • Explain the different clinical and demographic factors resulting in improper forecasting of compulsions and obsessions among other individuals.
  • A narrative evaluation of different types of experience gained by psychologists while completing personal therapy training.
  • What are the different ways to promote Psycho-social adjustment for patients suffering from renal failure and their dialysis? 
  • Explain the different experiences related to psycho-social formulation in a bio-psycho-social model in a psychosis case.
  • Role of eating behaviour in adulthood in affecting the behaviour of an individual. 
  • Explain the impact of MDD (major depressive disorder) in a cognitive framework.
  • Explain the different barriers the patients face in communicating their experiences related to sexual dysfunction, followed by heart trauma.
  • Factors responsible for the increasing number of  anorexia in adults
  • Role of Psychology in controlling chronic pain in patients.
  • How do Psychology and suicidal thoughts are connected?

Topics related to criminal psychology:

  • Mention the factors responsible for the increasing number of psychotic behaviours among teenagers and young adults.
  • How do Abusive parents influence the development process of their children? 
  • Role of Drugs in Influencing the Psychological Health of the Young Generation
  • How does Media violence influence the psyche development of young children?
  • How does bullying impact the development of young children?
  • Pakistan and increasing cases of child abuse in the country.
  • The role of criminal mindset behind the gun violence in schools and colleges in the US. 
  • How can behavioural therapy help in improving the mental conditions of criminals?
  • Elaborate on the role of abusive relationships on the mental health of the case victim.
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy can be beneficial in treating sex offenders and their deviant behaviour.

Psychology dissertation topics for cognitive psychology in the year 2023:

  • Define the role of expectations, attention, and emotional stress in affecting the perception of pain
  • What is the role of objective method measurement in supporting the theoretical approaches regarding consciousness?
  • Relationship between impaired emotion, anxiety, and social cognition
  • How are indirect and direct perception theories incompatible, and how do the recent inactive accounts result in making a compromise? 
  • How can studying bilingualism and trilingualism among infants help understand the role of the symbol system in the brain for understanding different types of languages? 
  • Neural pathways and mechanisms: How does the visual processing function help identify different objects by the brain?
  • How useful is the MRI scan in detecting brain function?
  • What is the cerebellum's role in connecting with the cortex for performing higher functions?
  • The analysis of long-term memory can be constructive in explaining the working memory in individuals.
  • The conflict between Baddeley’s model of working memory and  alternative theories: A comparative study

Trending dissertation topics on developmental psychology:

  • What is the role of plastics in developing visual cognitive function in humans?
  • What are the different changes that occur during cognitive development? Is it only a simple learning mechanism, or is it a framework of different types of learning paradigms for solving various problems?
  • How can the intrinsic forces of interaction between human caregivers help create successful learning outcomes?
  • What if the role of culture in creating understanding between the children and parents, where normal conversation did not exist between the parents and the children?
  • How has developmental cognitive neuroscience impacted the early tracing of developmental disorders and provided an effective cure?
  • Why is cultural and biological growth essential for the children's overall development?
  • Discuss the uses of cognitive therapy in treating anxiety and panic attacks in patients.
  • What is speech disorder, and how does it impact children's cognitive development?

Dissertation topics for social psychology:

  • Social phobia and social anxiety
  • What factors are responsible for the increasing number of antisocial behaviour among teenagers?
  • What are the harmful impacts of bullying on the interaction of teenagers in their colleges and schools? 
  • How does socialisation among human beings help improve an individual's mental health? 
  • What are the benefits of automatic priming compared to complex behaviour in a real-life problem?
  • Explain the different factors for connecting automatic priming to social behaviour. Explain the magnitude and duration.
  • The cognitive dissonance and its enduring legacy
  • The early beginning of non-verbal communication among infants.
  • Benefits of practising self-integrity in interpersonal relations.


The above dissertation titles are some of the most trending psychological dissertation topics in 2023 and are being taught in different universities worldwide.  The above issues will help in attracting a large number of readers for your research paper on psychology.

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