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If you are thinking of writing an attractive and engaging essay that is also controversial, then social issues are considered the best topics for writing an essay. As we all live in the society and are part of the society, the social events of this year have affected everyone living in the society. Therefore these students are frequently asked to write essays on social topics in any academic paper.  An essay on social topics helps in better understanding and creation of social awareness for different social issues. 



Steps for writing essay on Social issues 

Social essays help young individuals to express their feelings about the important topics of 2024. The classroom is considered the safest place to express your thoughts without being judged. Steps for writing a social issue:

  • Selecting the topic wisely: 

Selecting a relevant topic from 2024 can be very helpful. This will help in creating controversy and also help in keeping the audiences engaged. Finding evidence for this social issues topic is also very easy and will help in supporting the ideas and arguments made in the essay.  However, it is also important to consult with the p[professor regarding the acceptability of the topic before selecting the final social media topic from 2024. To find the interesting topic of 2024, searching the trending hashtags can be very helpful. Also making use of newspapers for news, and paying attention to international problems are important sources for topic selection in an essay on social issues.  This helps in getting an idea regarding the different events happening in different parts of the world and how it affects you living in your country. Some of the popular and prominent global social issues topics include poverty, inequality, corruption, increasing authoritarianism, unsustainability, criminality and increasing bullying in school. 

  • Spending time for research: 

It is important to make use of academically credible and reliable sources of information that can be used in the essay. Providing opinions without sufficient proof and outside sources is not accepted in the essay.  Also risking media sources as sources of information in the essay can cause potential risk for the students as the media industry is influenced by political conditions and may be biased. Therefore, making use of academically proven sources is considered helpful in finding relevant examples for the essay. 

  • Providing examples for the opinion given:

It is important to focus on finding relevant examples for the essay. As the essay is based on a current topic, examples are generally available on various platforms. Using examples to support the opinions provided in the essay, helps in better explaining the issue and makes the arguments relatable and easy to understand. 

  • Keeping the language simple:

The essay helps in expressing the opinion of the author and saying what they feel about the current situation. Therefore it is very important to make use of simple words to correctly express the viewpoints. Using simple and relevant and simple words helps in avoiding confusion among the readers. 

  • Editing and revising:

Before the final submission of the essay, it is important to read the essay as it helps ensure that the essay is flawless and free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Creating errors can result in reducing the overall quality of the essay by changing the meanings of the arguments. 

Top social issues

As the world is full of natural disasters, pandemics, conversion of safe energies, and more have changed the relevant social issues in modern times. Some of the top and relevant social issues for essay are

  • Global pandemic and COVID-19 pandemic: The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of modern life along with the rules and restrictions related to social distancing. Although the countries are returning to normal life the logistics and international trade need to get over the effects of a pandemic. For example, social topics related to the global pandemic may include writing about the different ways in which the global COVID19 pandemic has impacted the industry and companies. 
  • Social movement on Black Lives Matter: It is very hard to identify something that has marked the last two years regarding the importance of society. Black Lives Matter (BLM) has gathered the importance of the world due to the increasing number of racial injustices more than ever. The topics can include comparing the BLM movement with the student protests that happened in the year 1970 or the Montgomery Bus Station protest. 
  • Green Energy conversion: Environmental problems are an important part of social issues as global conferences are continuously finding new ways to convert everything into renewable and safe energy methods.  Writing about the new and latest innovations in the solar energy sector, and discussing the increasing role of wind turbines, are some of the important issues for essays in electrical engineering. Other topics may include social deduction and making the youngsters regarding environmental protection. 
  • Presence of the US military in Afghanistan: IT is one of the most important social issues in the United States, as the US government has ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in the year. This is an important topic as it deals with both social problems and national security. 
  • The challenge related to remote education: With another year of making use of long-distance learning with the help of Zoom Skype and other video conferencing options for education, the challenges related to the modern education system are very much evident. An essay discussing the changing habits and attitudes related to education along with its pros and cons can be a very interesting topic for the students. 
  • The environmental situation in the Arctic Circle: The ice shield in the Arctic Circle is becoming an important social issue as scholars and explorers from different fields are constantly providing updated information regarding the condition of the Arctic Circle.  Other than environmental factors such as environmental protection, political bias, economics, marketing and logistics are also present in this sector. 
  • Vaccination and Global Pandemic: One of the most discussed social topics at the current time is vaccination. However, the increased number of political interference does make it an immediate issue. For instance essays on the distribution of vaccines to different countries and the role of politics in manipulating the important issue. 
  • Travel restrictions: As good times are coming many people are thinking of traveling to different people. Traveling can include both leisure and business trips. As the list of traveling restrictions is continuously changing and the number of countries accepting foreign tourists without limit is constantly increasing, travel restrictions are an important social issue. Writing about the new and updated travel safety rules and the role of COVID-19 in disrupting global travel conditions can be an interesting social issue topic. 
  • Increasing global unemployment: As per different statistical data, the unemployment rate in the year 2021 has increased multiple times 2021 in different parts of the world. The social issue can include writing about the different situations and the importance of freelancing specialists, and remote working in reducing unemployment levels. 
  • Diversion in the supply chain after the Covid-19 pandemic: The global covid-19 pandemic has largely disrupted the global supply chain system, This has resulted in diversifying the supply chain which is a major issue in recent times as people with limited funds and facing healthcare problems may require additional help. The essay can include information regarding the local problems in the community or provide information on how such situations may arise. 
  • Increasing polarization of the society on a political level: It is important to be respectful when writing about politics. No matter what beliefs and preferences you have, it is very difficult to avoid polarization among people based on politics. The essay can include a discussion on Russia and its external politics, the distribution of vaccines by India, and the political innovation occurring in the United States. 
  • Modern Society and Healthcare Bias: The social issues in modern 2023 are becoming more prevalent as the vaccination people in the community are receiving more social rights when compared to others.  However, the number of vaccinated people all over the world is very low. Also, the sayings on other illnesses and healthcare services not related to respiratory diseases are important social essay topics.  It can act as a starting point when writing bias in healthcare services and their impact on society. 

There are also topics related to problems of evolving employee needs, problems related to labor compensation, and being fired without giving proper reasons are some of the important social essays topics.  Also selecting topics that help in inspiring people and their importance are some of the examples of social essay topics. 


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