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Psychology is an intriguing field of study. It has evolved from being a hard science in the past and today is an expansive subject proliferating in almost each aspect of human lives from childhood to corporate to parenting and AI. If you are tasked with writing a psychology research assignment, we have got you a wealth of topics in this blog. Along with ideas, we will also guide you on selecting a topic wisely and composing a winning paper. 

What is psychology research and what is its purpose?

Research in psychology revolves around studying and explaining subject areas in psychology. It can include diverse aspects like a new discovery, a case study, survey, historical evolution in a discipline, experimentation, etc. It can have wide applications as in educational, social, industrial, health, and clinical realms.

The purpose of research in psychology can be any or combination of the following:

  • To demonstrate your knowledge in the field
  • To shed light on a recent research
  • To prove or contradict an existing thesis
  • To add on to the existing database of knowledge 

Psychology students employ diverse and innovative methods in their assignments such as interviews, observation, surveys, literature review, clinical case studies, etc. You too can utilize such methods to make your paper interesting and rich in quality. 

How to choose psychological research topics?

Selecting a good topic is of utmost critical importance in a psychology research project. It will solve half of your problems and be instrumental in getting high marks. Here are a few tips to come up with a great topic for your psychology assignment:

  • Prior knowledge: Having a previous understanding in an area will be helpful in compiling information and drafting an authentic paper.
  • Interest: If you choose an area of your interest, you will not find it burdensome to undertake research. Chances are ripe that an interesting topic will impress and engage your evaluator too.
  • Novelty: See whether you can introduce something new or unique in your paper. It can be a current discovery, recent controversial issue or novel perspective on existing research. This will add value to your paper and make it stand out from the rest. 

Still jiggling your brain. Let’s make it easier for you to choose a topic. Here is a three-step guide for selecting a research in psychology topic:

  • Pick a branch of psychology
  • Conduct extensive research on it including the recent developments in the area
  • Filter out the general ideas and look for scope for innovation
  • Narrow down your focus on one idea/theme
  • Make sure it has enough credible evidence 

Psychology Research topics

Below, we have compiled an extensive list of topics for psychology research papers. The ideas are sorted according to branches in the field. Shortlist the ones that spike your interest and then select the most suitable one. Here you go!

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics 

  • Are Antidepressants effective when used with other forms of therapy?
  • Implications of cognitive psychology on AI-based learning tools
  • Cognitive Psychology in online gaming
  • Understanding bilingual memory
  • Cognitive advances in neuroscience of music
  • Viewing multitasking from the lens of cognitive psychology
  • Is ADHD boon or bane? Discuss from the perspective of cognitive psychology
  • Development of sensory loss due to depression in young adults
  • How does culture influence cognition?
  • Trends in cognitive psychology post pandemic 

Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

  • Fetishism, Voyeurism and Pedophilia
  • Personality disorders 
  • Abnormal psychology and humanism
  • Religion and abnormal psychology
  • Subnormal, Supernormal and Paranormal in Abnormal Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology and Culture-Bound Syndromes
  • Factors That Lead To sociopaths
  • Investigation self-harm disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Can psychology be used to control chronic pain in human beings? 

Health Psychology Research Topics

  • Impact of media depictions of ‘ideal body’ on anorexia and bulimia
  • Investigating eating disorders and why they go unnoticed
  • Compare and contrast different approaches to smoking cessation
  • Studying hedonic hunger and solutions to counter it
  • Chronic illnesses in Covid infected individuals
  • Psychological intervention in prevention of diabetes in adolescents
  • Mental health of women facing fertility issues
  • Impacts of peer pressure and parental interference in health habits- A survey
  • Obesity after pregnancy: causes and solutions
  • Navigating internet as health counsellor- survey 

Industrial Psychology Research Topics

  • Job Satisfaction Measurements 
  • Work life balance in women
  • Case study on job commitment
  • Investigating impacts of diversity and inclusion
  • Race Norming
  • Conflict Management in virtual teams
  • Employee grievance systems
  • Discussing GLOBE theory
  • Counterproductive Work Behavior: CWB-I & CWB-O
  • Testing emotional intelligence during recruitment: Methods and benefits 

Social Psychology Research Topics

  • Survey on online social behavior
  • GRIT tension Reduction Strategy
  • Date Rape
  • Studying Ostracism in recent times
  • Dual Attitudes
  • Negative-State Relief Model
  • Buffering effect
  • Evolution of social behaviour post pandemic
  • Deindividuation
  • PTSD and group behaviour 

Child Psychology Research Topics

  • Do you agree that birth order influences a child's personality and achievements?
  • Legal, psychological and ethical aspects of child adoption
  • Early development of stigmatization in disabled children
  • Psychological reading of left-handedness in children
  • Review of family support on children’s mental health
  • Impact of Pandemic on children’s mental health and behaviour
  • Investing children’s overall health in war-torn countries
  • Analyzing child development in India - bright and dark aspects
  • Creation of imaginary friends in childhood
  • Influence of internet in self-identity in children 

Neuropsychology Research Topics

  • Neuropsychological management of brain-injured women from domestic violence: A Case Study
  • Challenges in child neuropsychology
  • Assessment of neuropsychology in humans and non humans
  • Correlation between neuropsychology and culture
  • Methods and issues in neuropsychology of language
  • Evaluate cognitive processes and memory in retrograde amnesia patients
  • Explain the use of rehabilitation and brain plasticity to cure stroke patients
  • How is an autistic brain seen in brain imaging? 

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

  • Do colours affect diet?
  • Does social media cause addiction?
  • Correlation between gender and memory
  • What causes differences in people seeing optical illusions?
  • Do action movies motivate more eating than normal movies?
  • Role of symmetry in perception of beauty
  • Stress factor in people with different personalities
  • Do emotionally intelligent students also score high marks?
  • Effectiveness of eyewitness testimony
  • How does caffeine impact memory? 

Forensic Psychology Research Topics

  • Can forensic psychologists predict future dangerousness through a questionnaire?
  • How does mental competency affect the results of criminal sentencing?
  • Ethical questions in using lie detectors
  • Investing minds of serial killers
  • Anger interventions in jails
  • Role of movies and video games in copycat crimes
  • AMBER Alert system
  • Does exposure to pornography create sexually violent behaviours?
  • Disentangling complicated web of automatism
  • Handling crimes by people with Dissociative Identity Disorder 

Sports Psychology Research Topics

  • How does steroids intake influence mental health of athletes
  • Perfectionism in sportsmen
  • Impact of scores rating on sportsmen
  • Studying psychology of females in sports
  • Role of individual identity in team sports
  • Advantages and drawbacks on senior citizen’s sporting activities
  • Application of psychophysiology in sports psychology
  • Investigating sports psychology in India
  • Do different sports manifest different levels of anxiety?
  • Sports rehabilitation: strengths and limitations of current system 

So these were the current and interesting topics on psychology that we have sorted out for you. We are sure that this list might have solved the puzzles in your mind and given you a direction to begin with your psychology research paper. 

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