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The length of the essay plays an important role in scoring good grades on the college exam. As the students follow the instructions provided by the professor, it showcases that the students read and can meet the requirements of the paper. It also highlights the amount of thought provided by the student during the writing process. No student wants to be at the minimum word count or page count after the completion of the draft. Therefore it becomes important to include high-quality content in the paper. The students easily get overwhelmed when facing problems in making the essay longer. Therefore in case you want to increase the length of the essay then the following tips provided in this blog can be very helpful. 

Ways to make essays longer

Wondering how to make an essay longer? Many ways can be used to make the essay longer by increasing the margins and font size. However, these tips do not help get good scores on the paper. Therefore the following tips presented in this blog will be very helpful in improving the word count of the essay.

  • Make use of examples: One of the most beneficial ways to longer the essay is to identify the claims made in the paper. Identify the claims made in the essay and look for examples that help in proving the claims.  In case no example is available, including additional research that can help in proving the claims made accurate can be very helpful. Making claims not only helps in improving the accuracy of the claims made, rather it also helps in increasing the length of the essay. For instance, you claim that UFOs are real. In that scenario showcasing examples of UFO sightings, documents, or references can be very helpful. 
  • Use of words and phrases for transition ideas: One of the most natural ways to increase the length of the essay is to make use of transition phrases. Transition phrases help in moving from one idea to another and also bring the readers smoothly. Transition phrases help in improving the flow of the essay and also help in increasing the word count. Therefore, it creates a win/win situation. 



  • Reverse outlining: The meaning of this term is exactly what it sounds. After writing the essay, read the essay back and make an outline based on the written information.  This helps in identifying the pages that can make more sense to the readers about the essay and also helps in identifying the different areas in the essay that require improvement. For instance, if any sentence makes more sense to the reader, then that line should be clarified more by making the writing longer. Similarly, if a paragraph contains more than one idea, then that paragraph should be broken into different paragraphs and explain the ideas in more detail. 
  • Go beyond your prompt: The writer must have read about their prompt a million times, however still if the writer faces a problem in making the essay longer then it is beneficial to reread the prompt. It is important to analyze whether the essay provides answers to all the questions asked in the essay.  Were the answers backed up by evidence and examples, It is important to take time to ensure that every aspect of the prompt is fulfilled. In case any point is missed it is important to increase the length of the essay by including the missing points of the prompt. 
  • Include expert quotes: Quotations take up more space in the essay. However, it is also important to note that the entire paper should not be filled with quotations from other writers and some writing should be yours.  Although it is okay to spice up your writing by making use of quotes given by other writers in the paper.  The process not only helps in increasing the length of the essay, rather it also helps in showcasing that other people agree with your ideas and are aware of the things you do. It is important to note that the quotes should be formatted correctly and cite the sources of the quotes. 
  • Proper formats of the paragraph: It is important to ensure that the different paragraphs of the essay are formatted accordingly. Every paragraph in the essay should begin with a topic sentence, evidence in support of the arguments made, and a conclusion or transition sentence.  In case some paragraphs are not optimized with this formatting then write relevant sentences to fill these gaps and maintain the proper format of the paragraphs. This is important as it helps in improving the overall quality of the essay and also helps in increasing the length of the essay. 
  • Using more words: It may sound silly to hard use more words or phrases, but think about it and relook at the paper created. There are many sneaky places where more words can be used in place of one. 

Make use of the verb “to be” verb. Also, avoid saying “I eat quickly” instead say "I am a quick eater”. Make the essay more descriptive. Don't use phrases like “we had fun at the fair”, Instead say “I and my friend went to a fair last week. We did a lot of fun activities such as riding the giant wheel and trying the funnel cakes”. Turn the verbs into nouns. “I reached the conclusion” is much longer than “I concluded”.


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