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Executive summary

The self-development recommends the following project regarding the leadership quality and their predictability. The transformational leadership quality is to be developed in the entire scenario of the report. The predictability of various objects and its strength and weakness are to be defined in the report.


The leadership development related to an organisation is continued with the various opinions of the people. The sustainability of the health care organisation is modified with the health care system of the community that concentrates on the leadership quality for the organisation. The reason for success is focused on the leadership quality that has enough strength for the development of the health care system. The challenge for the health care system is documented by various factors that the leaders short out. Personal care develops leadership for the public. The broad category for health care is divided into two sub-categories: public health care service and private health care facilities. The national health system of the UK has been defined with funding and taxation rather than health insurance. The leadership quality has improved through the policies and structures of health care in the United Kingdom.

SWOT analysis and justification

I develop the leadership management quality in the area of health care and personal development. It was my consideration that I have developed myself with the help of my own strength and overcome my weakness. I considered my skills and developed them according to my need. In this particular field, I received several elemental interferences from the various objects in that particular industry. There are several elements that I need to consider to become successful; having such a reason, I have chosen the SWOT analysis for improving my strength and consider my weakness for further development (GURL, 2017). The SWOT analysis compares my skills to the others. Strategic planning is recommended to evolve my findings. The help of others and uncover the opportunity are spotted by the analysis. The form of analysis is considered as the competitive structure of my community of health care. My feelings for new competitive insight are conveyed through the analysis. There are several areas where I am conveying my competitive skills through my strengths and weakness.


My skills precede the consideration for the journey in health care and enhance the leadership quality. I have good communication and collaborative skills, which makes me a good team player. Being a self-motivated person helps me to do my task on time and, at times, also motivates other members of the team. The proposal for teamwork is recommended for the improvement of the health care system. The collaboration of every individual and their mutual understanding is helpful towards improving my skills and working responsibly. 


I am not certain or self-aware of my emotional intelligence, which needs to be measured and will help to understand the emotional situation of the patient and their close ones (Mustafa et al., 2020). This is because one person can't handle critical patients and provide perfect medical treatment; the concerned combined contribution of the health care leaders is recommended. The proposal for teamwork is recommended for the improvement of the health care system. The concern of doctors and their students in a medical college is recommended to work collaboratively, which exhibits the main strength of an individual. 


The collaboration of every individual and their mutual understanding is helpful to realise my opportunity to connect with them more responsibly. The skill of collaboration and critical thinking is considerable for the next level of improvement in my skills (Oviawe et al., 2017). 


My emotional intelligence is to be measured, which has taken care of the leadership quality and continuous improvement in health care quality (Mustafa et al. 2020). Several qualities and factors detect different threats, such as pressure, decision making, stress, and other kinds of questions and answers. Emotional intelligence is reliable for complex situations and the mental ability to deal with hard situations. I have changed my leadership style according to the different situations. The new competition in my job role is considered as my threat. I develop my strong and transparent leadership qualities in the field of health care (Kim et al., 2017).    

Transformational leadership style

Collaboration with the people and teamwork is the effective aspect of health care in order to consider my mindset for that profession. I have a good quality of collaboration ability in me to indulge any activity, considering the transparency in my leadership skills. Certain factors are effective for stopping me from being an effective leader, such as:

Being too much involved: it is very strange for me to become involved too much in a particular matter (Vergauwe et al., 2017). It becomes quite a hindrance for me involved in a particular matter whereas a leader is always responsible for their peoples and trusts them equally and let them go as per their need. The dynamic personality, at the same time not being involved with it, is quite necessary.

Being the lone ranger: no doubt about my area of what I am doing, but the miscommunication leads me to a lone ranger that is not provided quality to the leader (Hijjah, 2019). The value of time is changeable all the time, and by that situation, I have determined to achieve the result in spite of facing such a hindrance. 

Being close-minded: the senior executive of the health care is the personality to be treated with the close-minded, which is a hindrance for me. 

The different concepts of ideas, which are person and patient-centred, are subject to be confused, and for me, it is always considered for me. I have always tried to make the balance for the deviation of the patient and the personal aspect. It becomes difficult for me to listen to the patients according to their needs. 

Skill enhancement

I have specific advice that is incorporated for me while doing this course, the result of that enhancement of skill that I have to work more efficiently and to enhance my skills. Conclusion: there are recommended a more scalable attitude to handle transformational leadership to improve my skills (Pursitasari et al. 2020). I need to develop my attitude to construct more learning and practice in the area of health care. I have taken my approaches and received all kinds of feedback from my seniors. I have developed my strategic thinking with the help of memorisation and concentration. I have developed the people management skills as it is the key management skill of an individual. At the same time, I have improved my communication skill as a part of my duty.  

I have related my emotions with the enhancement of the skills which are performed may be in the health care system. The cause of interpersonal conflict is raised for that part of leadership quality. The ability of conflict management is to be promoted according to the system of health care. 

It is very important to establish awareness in the health care system more effectively (Qadir and Saba 2018). To develop awareness, I recommended following news and the latest technology. 


Conclusion this is indeed a critical reflection about the management of leadership planning. The considerable responsibility is to align with the relevant information related to my leadership quality. I have researched quite journals and developed the necessary and authentic articles concerning information about transformational leadership. The nature of leadership becomes the question of arguing after researching various journals and articles and accurate data for and against the nature of leadership. I process the SWOT analysis to confirm my strengths and weaknesses in detail in the report. I have explained the strong area of my personality that affects my zone of operation simultaneously, the areas where I need to keep focus. This is a reflective approach of my assignment, so that I have used my own opinion to make my own argument reliable for the situation. The various practices that NMC prescribes have been included in this present assignment. At the same time, I have developed my point of argument in the practice of the health care system. The concept of person-oriented and patient-oriented concerns is to be explained by me, and the discussion is ended with the consideration of few skills that I have learned to become a leader in the profession.

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